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White House card not Christmas-y enough? Oh, please

The 2011 White House card. Inside message: “From our family to yours, may your holidays shine with the light of the season.”

Former Gov. Sarah Palin is in a snit about the official White House Christmas card, saying that it just doesn't emphasize good American values like family, faith and freedom. In fact, it doesn't even say Christmas.

“A bit odd,” was one of her comments to FOX News Radio.

Actually, it's not odd at all. Presidential Christmas cards, which go out to thousands of friends, supporters and perfect strangers, often offer “holiday greetings,” or “joy of the season” and avoid any mention of Christmas (or Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Solstice, Saturnalia, Yule…) That was true for Republicans like Ronald Reagan and the Bushes as well as Democrats like Bill Clinton.

They often picture an interior or exterior shot from the White House. Sometimes the feature a tree, like last year's Obama card did; sometimes they don't.

For a link to a slide show of White House Christmas cards since 1967, compiled by Lonnell Johnson of the Columbus Christian Spiritual Examiner, click here.

Today’s fun video: Palin on polls



Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's take on polls…with a slight problem on the spelling.

Sunday spin: Palin not much of a draw

Sarah Palin may not be much of a draw in Spokane.

That’s one conclusion – and a charitable one, at that – to draw from an event a little more than a week ago at The Bing Crosby Theater featuring the new biographical movie about Palin. Planned as a chance to raise money for charities, food for Second Harvest Food Bank and pet supplies for Spokanimal, it was a disappointment, said organizer Mike Noder.

“The Undefeated”, which is not to be confused with the 1969 John Wayne/Rock Hudson horse opera of the same name, is playing to limited release and generally scathing reviews around the country. But if ever there was a place not beholden to the slings and arrows of the lamestream media, it should be the Inland Northwest. Palin is, after all, one of our own, having been born in Sandpoint and graduating from the University of Idaho before making her way back north to Alaska – which, come to think of it, is another John Wayne movie…

To read the rest of this item, go inside the blog.

Today’s fun video: Palin explains Paul Revere’s ride

Sarah Palin explains the importance of Paul Revere. Did she get it wrong?




She says no, she didn't.



So it might not be the version you learned in American History (or American Lit). But it's not as if Henry Wadsworth Longfellow got it completely right, either. For the ultimate source of what happened on that night in 1775, go inside the blog.

Today’s fun videos: Stewart mocks Trump on pizza, Weiner on Twitter comments


Jon Stewart delivers a damning critique of Donald Trump.

Not for his aborted presidential campaign, his questioning of Obama's birth certificate or his coiffure. But for his pizza savvy. And it may be the most devastating Trump tromping of all time.

In a bipartisan move, he also asks the question that's on everyone's mind about Rep. Anthony Weiner's not quite unequivocal denial of that Twitter posting. Click here to see that inside the blog.

A Democratic turn of phrase

U.S. Sen. Patty Murray agreed recently to take the job of chairwoman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, a group dedicated, as its name suggests, to getting more Democrats elected to the Senate.

Considering last month’s election results, it’s not surprising there wasn’t a long line of aspirants to the job. Murray herself had to be talked into it.

She doesn’t take over until the first of the year, a spokeswoman said. So she is not responsible for the DSCC’s latest plea for cash: For a donation of at least $5, they will send you a special set of “poetry magnets.”

You know, the kind with a few words that can be rearranged on the refrigerator to make endless variations of bad free verse. Among the magnetized words and phrases: Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, birthers, filibuster, crazy, extremist, donkey and elephant.

Today’s fun video: It’s the first day…of the 2012 elections

For those of you jones-ing for some campaign stuff, tired of the boredom of an election like the counting of ballots and the actual winning and losing, we present what may be considered your first Campaign 2012 video.

Listen carefully as Sarah Palin borrows a phrase from The Gipper. Can you guess which one it is?

And for those of you expecting to catch a break between this election and the next, we can only offer condolences.

Primary over. Lessons learned?

Thousands of votes are still to be counted from Tuesday’s primary, but along with most races, some lessons are clear.
Lesson 1: It may be uncomfortable to be an incumbent this year, but it’s not fatal. Few incumbents were eliminated in the state’s unusual Top Two primary, but some clearly have their work ahead of them.
Count among them state Sen. Chris Marr, a Spokane businessman who received party acclaim four years ago as the first Democrat to win the seat in Spokane’s 6th District in six decades, but trails GOP challenger Mike Baumgartner in this primary.
Or ask Spokane County Prosecutor Steve Tucker, a three-term Republican incumbent who faced two party challengers and finished second to Democrat Frank Malone.
U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers and most sitting House members had an easy primary night, five-term Democratic incumbent U.S. Rep. Rick Larsen is trading the lead with Republican challenger John Koster in northwestern Washington’s 2nd District.
For all the knock against establishment candidates…

Today’s fun video: Huckabee on Palin and pot

Former Arkansas governor turned presidential candidate turned Fox News contributor Mike Huckabee talks about former Alaska governor turned vice presidential nominee turned Fox News contributor Sarah Palin and pot.

He makes a joke, it falls flat. Huchabee should definitely not quit his day job to do stand-up.

But he does make one very good prediction at the end.

Shea went with Didier to meet Palin

Look closely at last week’s pictures of Clint Didier meeting Sarah Palin in the Tri-Cities, and Spokane residents might recognize another familiar face.

State Rep. Matt Shea, R-Spokane Valley.

Shea accompanied Didier on the quick trip from the state GOP convention in Vancouver to the Tri-Cities when the U.S. Senate candidate had a meeting the former Alaska governor and vice presidential nominee.

Shea said this week he got a chance to meet Palin and mention a few state issues, but mostly Didier talked to her about federal issues. “She’s a terrific lady…very gracious.”

After the meeting, Palin said she was firmly behind Didier in part because he “didn’t wait to see what the lineup looked like” a not-so-veiled diss of GOP rival Dino Rossi.

So is Palin going to endorse Shea, too? It’d be a fairly safe endorsement, considering he’s running unopposed for a second term in the Valley’s 4th Legislative District.

Not likely, Shea said. “She’s focused more at the federal level.” And he was there for Didier, so it really didn’t come up.

Shea’s a big Didier supporter. Since he’ll have some time on his hands this campaign season, he’ll be travelling around the state campaigning for other candidates. There’s no plans at this point, however, for him to campaign with Didier, he added.

Palin endorses McMorris Rodgers

Sarah Palin endorsed Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ re-election today, listing the Eastern Washington Republican as one of her “Mama Grizzlies.”

The label is meant as a compliment. Seriously.

It’s not a huge surprise, considering McMorris Rodgers was a big supporter of Palin’s when the Alaska governor was named to John McCain’s presidential ticket. They’re both fiscal and social conservatives. And they both have children with Down Syndrome.

And there’s not much danger of having this endorsement blow up in Palin’s face. Although she faces a primary challenge from the right from Constitutional Party candidate Randall Yearout, McMorris Rodgers faces no serious pressure from Tea Party folks in Eastern Washington.

It’s not likely to help sort out the field of four relatively unknown and likely underfunded Democrats: Daryl Romeyn, Barbara Lampert, David Fox and Clyde Cordero.

Full text of the endorsement from Palin, via the Conservatives for Palin website, can be found inside the blog.

Palin in Tri-Cities?

Former vice presidential candidate and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is reportedly in the Tri-Cities.

We have to say reportedly because this information comes about third-hand:

State Democrats (yes, Democrats) report that Republican Senate candidate Clint Didier has tweeted that he has to make a quick trip to the T-C to meet with Palin. (“All geared up for the convention. Then I got the call from Sarah. I’m now getting ready to sit down with Sarah Palin.”)

And they sent a photo of a sign in front of a table at the state GOP convention in Vancouver that he was he’d be back after flying over to the Tri Cities to talk to Palin “about fundraising”.

No word on whether he’d try to bring Palin with him. She’s not on the schedule, but chances are the state GOP would clear a few minutes for her to address the crowd if she showed.

Palin backs Clint Didier for Senate

Clint Didier has something that the 10 or so other GOP candidates looking to challenge Patty Murray for the U.S. Senate don’t have… and we’re not talking about Super Bowl rings here.

Support from Sarah Palin.

The former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential candidate tweeted “be inspired by patriot running for U.S.Senate to serve his state & our country for all the right reasons!Go #86.”

The number is a reference to Didier’s NFL jersey, not a shout out to Special Agent Maxwell Smart.

This could definitely be considered an up and down week for Didier, with this being the high point, and a news report earlier in the week that the opponent of federal government spending is himself the recipient of some six figures worth of subsidies and other farm program payments from the federal government.

The ever-vigilant Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee took a break from firing volleys at not-yet candidate Dino Rossi to call Didier the “Tea Party candidate.” Which isn’t really a slam in some parts of the state.

Palin headed for CdA book signing

Former GOP vice presidential candidate and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is expected to be autographing copies of her new book next month at the Coeur d’Alene Fred Meyer store.

Palin, who already has a best-seller before her book is even released next week, is tentatively scheduled for a Coeur d’Alene stop on Dec. 10. But don’t call the store to ask for a time. They don’t have one yet, company spokeswoman Melinda Merrill said Tuesday.

“Everything is really tentative right now,” Merrill said.

But a CdA stop will be in keeping with her tour schedule, which is only announced through Dec. 8. She’s bypassing some big blue metro areas like Seattle and L.A. and doing a red heartlands swing that includes Sioux City and Sioux Falls, Fort Wayne and Birmingham.

If she books Spokane, too, we’ll let you know as soon as we do.

Tues. fun video: Capt. Kirk recites Palin

For those who missed the Sarah Palin farewell speech, or are tired of hearing clips diced and sliced on 24-hour news, here’s a rendition of her ode to Alaska, recited by William Shatner Monday night on the Tonight Show.

Team Sarah to play on

Word comes from Team Sarah, a group dedicated to the political advancement of the Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and her political goals, that they’re still enthusiastic about their namesake.

This comes in a press release that is, admittedly, a bit dated because it got hung up in the newspaper’s spam filter. (Note to self: reset spam filter to let anything with “Palin” through, at least until all the porn spam catches on and throws in that word.)

Palin’s announcement that she’s not running for re-election and not finishing her term as a lame duck seems not to have deterred the team. So it could be this is the team she was talking about in her point guard analogy of driving through the full court press, eyes on the basket and passing off the ball.

Of course, no point guard from Gonzaga University ever walked off the court and out of the arena after getting the ball down the court.

Monday fun videos: An ode to Sarah Palin

This music video comes courtesy of reader and colleague Reiko Tateya in Yokohama, Japan, who brought to our attention a fun Web site that creates a song a day. Today’s song is about Sarah Palin calling it quits.

Thanks Reiko!

And for those who slept th rough the Sunday morning taking head shows (or were in church), they spent lots of time on Palin, too. Here’s the digest of talking heads compiled by TalkingPointsMemo.

Tues. video: Letterman apologizes

David Letterman apologized Monday night to Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and her family. For those keeping track at home, this is apology No. 2, and it’s for the line about going to Yankee Stadium, not for the Top 10 list.

So today’s discussion questions are:

Was this a sincere apology from Letterman, which will lead to the end of the whole matter?

Who is getting more out of this — the Palins in terms of sympathy from opponents and righteous indignation from supporters, or Letterman, in terms of ratings?

Click on here or on comments to weigh in.

The whole Letterman list on Palin

David Letterman had to apologize for No. 2 on his top 10  list of things Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin did in New York … to Palin and flight attendants.

You may have seen that clip a few (or a few dozen) times on television Wednesday. Did it make you wonder about the other nine? If so, here’s the full list.

Happy Mothers Day to moms in high places

Just in time for Mother’s Day, a survey arrived last week from Adecco Group — described in the press release as the world’s largest staffing agency — on the most admired “celebrity”mothers.

To determine this, the agency paid to survey working moms, working dads and working non-parents. Envelope please…and the most admired celebrity mom for all three was:

Michelle Obama.

It seems her public image has recovered nicely from a year ago, when she could be caricatured on the New Yorker cover as a fist-bumping radical Angela Davis wannabe.

Number two for working men and working non-parents was …


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