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Millennials: The latest hot thing?

The latest hot thing in politics seems to be Millennials.

Last week the Youth Engagement Fund and Project New America released a poll that said voters aged 18 to 29 will determine the fall elections. It delves deeply into the political psyche of Generation M and suggests they are a progressive Democrat’s dream.

Strong majorities say women and men should be paid equally, same-sex marriage should be legal, women should make the decision on abortion, small amounts of marijuana should be legal, utilities should produce more energy from renewable sources and taxes should be raised on people making more than $250,000 a year. So except for that last one, they kind of reflect the way Washington votes on initiatives. . . 

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Congress rates lower than . . .

Congress is not popular. That's not news. But when Public Policy Polling decided to test just how unpopular it is, the firm may have found a way to make news at Congress's expense.

It surveyed 830 Americans, asking them  “Do you have a more favorable opinion of Congress or … ” and filling in the blank with 25 different unpleasant people or things. Congress ranked lower in the following:

Root canals
NFL replacement refs
DC political pundits
Traffic jams
Donald Trump
Ghengis Khan
Used Car salesmen

So what was less popular than Congress? Go inside the blog to find out.

Non-scientific surveys in the presidential race

Every four years at this time, businesses of almost every stripe try to piggy back on the presidential race to get a little publicity.

Thus do we have the quadrennial report from the Halloween costume industry announcing which candidate is selling more masks. Right now, it'sBarack Obama over Mitt Romney, almost 2-to-1. Argue among yourselves whether that means the president is more popular than the former governor…or scarier. 

A hamburger chain called Smashburger released the results of a survey on which candidate people would rather have a burger with. That survey came back about 60-40 in favor of Obama, but it's not clear whether some survey subjectsthought the burger came with a trip to the White House, or whether those who don''t eat meat were given the option of a veggie burger.

More on silly surveys, as they develop.

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