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WA No. 6 for good biz tax structure

Washington state has the sixth best structure for business taxes in the country, the Tax Foundation said.

In its annual report on state tax “climates”, the foundation gave Washington high marks…as it usually does. 

This may surprise people who have heard the business community complain about the state’s tax structure or notice that pro-business groups often give campaign money to candidates who vow to change it. . . 

Washington spending grew relatively slowly


OLYMPIA — Listening to the discussions over state budgets over the last several years, one might have thought that Washington state spending was growing faster than Usain Bolt on steroids.

At least, that seemed to be the position of some Republicans who pointed to rising costs and employee numbers as they argued to cut both.

A new map from the Tax Foundation, a think-tank which supports lower, fairer taxes, indicates that's not the case. At least not when compared to the spending of all the states over a span from 2001 to 2011. Washington ranks 43rd in the nation in terms of the growth of government spending, in “real dollars, per capita” which helps adjust for inflation and population growth.

It went up about 19 percent. That compares with 22.5 percent for Idaho and almost 24 percent for Oregon.

For a larger version of the map, click here.

Mapping the beer tax: WA is No. 8 from top

Washington beer drinkers pay a higher tax than any state west of the Mississippi in the continental U.S.

So says the Tax Foundation in its weekly map feature that shows various tax rates. 

The rate in Washington is 76 cents per gallon, which is eighth highest in the nation. Alaska and Hawaii are higher, but all the states around Washington are significantly lower.

The listed rate includes the temporary tax set to expire on June 30. Some folks in the Legislature were considering making that tax permanent, but the beer tax extension was pulled from the most recent tax proposal in the House of Representatives.

If that tax goes away, the beer tax will go down to about 26 cents per gallon, which would still make Washington the highest in the region, but bring it down to about 25th in the nation.

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