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Happy U.N. Day. Or not

If you have a calendar that lists a wide-enough array of special days, you could check to discover that today is United Nations Day. The U.N. was formed 66 years ago today.

In Olympia, however, it is un-U.N. Day for about 60 people who gathered on the steps of the state Capitol. They came to celebrate “American Exceptionalism” and sovereignty, and suggest the United States get out of the U.N., and the organization's headquarters should get out of New York City. Wouldn't Donald Trump like to get his hands on that prime Manhattan real estate, one speaker wondered.

The demonstration was sponsored by several Tea Party organizations, the Freedom Foundation and the Second Amendment Foundation. A couple of motorcyclist in leathers from the Sons of Liberty Riders also made an appearance.

As protests go, it wasn't particularly large,. There's no legislative session going on and this is a pretty peaceful place, so it's pretty easy to get noticed, but sometimes hard to draw a crowd.

Sunday Spin: Treat Occupiers, Tea Partiers the same

OLYMPIA – As the news media lurches between ignoring and overexposing the Occupy Wall Street/Spokane/Seattle/Everywhere movement, is it too much to ask for the pontificators to show a little consistency in their love or disdain for populist rebellions that spring up in the 21st Century?
Conservative commentators are complaining that the Occupy (fill in the blank) protesters are inexperienced at best and ignorant at worst. Liberal commentators have essentially alibied the protesters by saying the movement is young, diverse and still in its nascent stages.
Funny thing is that two years ago when the Tea Party movement sprang up, the conservatives and liberals were taking the opposite stances. So here’s a thought:
If you criticized Tea Partiers two years ago for saying they opposed government-run health care, then pointed out some of them were on Medicare, you can ding Occupy Wherever for complaining about capitalism while wearing Nike logo clothing or using their ATM cards to get cash for a latte at Starbucks. If you ignored the first, you should ignore the second.
If you razzed Tea Partiers bizarre attire that included tea-bag festooned hats and Colonial tri-corners, you can toss verbal bricks at the 99 Percenters for dressing like they shopped at a Haight-Ashbury Value Village. If you gave one a pass on weird fashions, do the same to the other.
If you suggested that Tea Partiers didn’t understand health care reform, tax policy or the democratic process, you can suggest that Occupiers don’t understand banking regulations, international finance or the democratic process. If you thought the one provided a refreshing new perspective on old tired issues, don’t accuse the other of being foolishly naïve.
And don’t pop out that Ralph Waldo Emerson quote about a foolish consistency may be the hobgoblin of a small mind. A consistent lack of consistency is the hallmark of an even smaller one.

Another GOP prez debate tonight at 5

Caller wondered if it was true that there is yet still another GOP presidential debate tonight.


A debate jointly sponsored by CNN and the Tea Party — proving the old “strange bedfellows” adage — will be llive on the cable news channel starting at 5 p.m. Pacific It will have eight debaters : Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Ron Paul, Jon Huntsman, Newt Gingrich, Herb Cain and Michele Bachmann. (We did that in reverse alphabetical order, just to be different.)

Remains to be seen whether this will be a Perry vs. Romney show with the other candidates as secondary players, like last week's debate on a rival 24-hour news network, or if it will be a more even-handed approach.

For those who can't get enough of the GOP debates, and for those who think there's never anything new in the GOP debates, consider this Huffington Post photo feature in which the candidates get extreme makeovers with each other's hairstyles.

Tea Party plans rally on Floating Stage

The Tea Party of Spokane has scheduled a gathering for Oct. 2 that will feature Supreme Court Justice Richard Sanders and several Republicans running for local office.

State Rep. Matt Shea will serve as master of ceremonies and Sanders is the key speaker. Other GOP candidates on the agenda are Mike Baumgartner, John Ahern, Morgan Oyler and Rob Chase.

They’re planning on being at the Floating Stage of the Convention Center from 2 p.m to 4 p.m.

Murray campaign tries to capitalize on Tea Baggers

Some people were shocked when a speaker at the Asotin Tea Party gathering suggested Sen. Patty Murray be “hung.”

Most were shocked at the suggestion of violence; a few language purists were appalled by the grammar.

Murray’s re-election campaign was so shocked that it included a video of Tea Party organizer Dianne Capps’ statement in its latest fund-raising appeal.

The letter, signed by Campaign Manager Carol Albert, suggests a line has been crossed from the normal campaign tactics. So for anyone who hasn’t seen the clip, she includes links to a page with the YouTube video (which includes the statement, the cheering crowd and the rest of the nearly two-minute news report from local Lewiston, Idaho, station KLEW ), and a page that allows one to donate from $25 to $4,800 to the Murray re-election campaign.

The YouTube clip is below. Most of it is a discussion of the Tea Party’s goals for organizing locals (they should probablyl be happy the Murray campaign is circulating that) but it does start with Capps making a stab at a cinematic reference to “Lonesome Dove.”

“What happened to Jake when he ran with the wrong crowd?” Capps asks. When she doesn’t  get much of a response, so she has to ask again, then provides the answer: “He got hung. And that’s what I want to do with Patty Murray.”

(Note to Capps:. Regardless of how Larry McMurtry writes, the past tense for stringing someone up by the neck is “hanged.”)

Tea Party organizers  have since insisted that Capps’s comments were taken out of context, that she was just filling time unexpectedly when another speaker didn’t show up, that her comments that she wanted to hang Murray with votes were edited out (KLEW says no such comments exist on their unedited versions of tape) and that the media is trying to  hype this as a way of discrediting the movement. OK, and that “Geld Obama” sign in the video is what? A misspelling?

Albert’s initial comment to the Associated Press about Capps’ comment was it was “unproductive.” Apparently, the Murray campaign is working on a way to make it productive — for them.


States’ Righters: Say no to federal health care, energy rules

OLYMPIA — The time has come for people who believe in states’ rights to move from protest to political action, a Spokane Valley legislator told a crowd on the steps of the Capitol Building this afternoon.

Rep. Matt Shea, a first-term Republican, told a crowd estimated between 200 and 300 they need to rein in the federal government that’s becoming too powerful and too intrusive.

“We will not suffer government any more telling us how to live our daily lives…buy our health insurance…buy our energy,” Shea said.

He and other House Republicans have introduced a series of bills they say will allow Washington to reassert rights it has under the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which essentially reserves to the states anything not mentioned in the Constitution.

Among his bills are proposals to nullify any national health care plan in Washington state, nullify any cap and trade system set up on energy, keep the federal government from regulating any firearm manufactured in the state and require federal agents to check with a sheriff before  conducting an investigation in a Washington county.

To read more, Click Here to go inside the blog.

Tea time Thursday afternoon

A Tea Party gathering is scheduled for Thursday afternoon in Spokane. But don’t expect crumpets.

This is the kind of Tea Party for folks unhappy with some or all aspects of their government. It will feature syndicated radio host Laurie Roth and some local speakers, some of whom will be holding forth on the U.S. Constitution.

Because Thursday is also Constitution Day, and the beginning of Constitution Week. That’s because it’s the 222 anniversary of the signing of the Constitution.

Rally is scheduled for 4:30 p.m. at the Convention Center and Opera House, a.k.a. the INB Performing Arts Center.

Your Tea times

We’re repeating — without comment, endorsement or admonishment — schedules for the “Tea Parties” around the Inland Northwest today:

Coeur d’Alene: 3 p.m., Independence Point, City Park.

Colfax: 4 p.m., Codger Pole on South Main Street.

Colville:1 p.m., County Courthouse, S.215 Oak St.

Moscow: Noon, Friendship Square, Downtown.

Newport: 4 p.m., Oldtown Bridge

Priest River: Noon, City Hall on High Street

Pullman: Noon. Corner of Bethel and Lund

Spokane: 4:30 p.m., INB Performing Arts Center breezeway.

Walla Walla: Noon, Land Title Plaza, First and Main


A surprising Tea Party tidbit

A crumpet, if you will, on Wednesday’s Tea Parties on the West Side.

Initiative entrepreneur Tim Eyman is urging supporters to attend the Tea Parties to gather signatures for Initiative 1033, his latest attempt to rein in property taxes.

That’s not surprising; that’s just good strategy.

But what is surprising in a missive he sent to “Our thousands of supporters throughout the state (cc’d to the media, house & senate members, and Governor)” are his plans for the day. He’s speaking at the Tea Party in Olympia and Seattle. He’s got five minutes at the microphone at each event.

Tim Eyman speaking for only five minutes? Now that’s shocking.

Want the schedule for the Inland Northwest Tea Party nearest you. Click here to see the list blogged earlier today.

April 15: It’s party time

Tax protesters in Spokane will hold their own “tea party” this month as they try to mobilize and create a new citizens’ movement.

The Spokane Tea Party, described on its Web site as “a peaceful protest to the massive spending of dollars we do not have”,  will be held at 4:30 p.m. at the Convention Center.

The tea party movement is an outgrowth of a Chicago protest in which people gathered on the shores of Lake Michigan to protest federal deficit spending, and borrowed from the noted protest in 1773 in Boston Harbor. (What, you were sleeping in American History class your freshman year and have no idea what we’re talking about? Click here.)

Anyway, given the fact that the Convention Center is near a body of water, it’s a safe bet that someone will be tossing tea into the Spokane River. Which is probably OK, as long as there’s no phosphorous in it.

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