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WA Post views Z factor in 6th Lege District race

Only a few legislative races in the hinterlands merit a story in the esteemed Washington Post. So the candidates in the 6th Legislative District Senate race might count themselves lucky.

Or maybe not. The story spends quite a bit of time on zombies.

It details Democratic challenger Rich Cowan's work with North-by-Northwest, which brought Z Nation to Spokane, and Republican Sen. Mike Baumgartner's questioning of the state tax preference that helps bring film projects to Washington. It also makes assorted various references to zombies that have become part of the political lingo in recent months. 

At times it seems as though the Post thinks  folks in the 6th might actually mark their ballots based on their feelings about the undead.

But at least it has a reference to a scintillating story about a zombie-themed protest at the state Capitol a few years back. So we give it a thumbs up.

Today’s fun video: Anti-Pelosi Zombie ad


This may be the most off-the-wall campaign ad of the 2012 cycle.

It's from Republican John Dennis, a long-shot challenger to Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California, and features a sheep, some Zombies and, well, just a lot of unusual stuff. 

Dennis apparently decided to use his long-shot status to his advantage…or at least, to the ad-makers advantage.

Spec Sess Day 18: ‘Zombies’ protest budget

OLYMPIA — Budget protesters dressed as zombies marched on the Capitol Friday in a demonstration against cuts to social services.

Well, shuffled is probably more accurate. Zombies don't actually move very fast, and these zombies moved so slow that by the time they got to the Capitol steps, the House of Representatives had already approved cuts to a key social service program, the Disability Lifeline, and adjourned until Tuesday. The Senate was out all day.

No matter. They performed a bit of flash mob theater, with their own rendition of the Monster Mash, rewritten into “Monster Slash.” They brought their own saxophonist. The dance worked well. The chant — “What do we want? Brains. When do we want them? Brains.” — didn't.

(Don't tell me it's in keeping with zombies. Efficacy is more important than staying in character.)

Heather Duke, an Olympia resident who joined the group, said she doesn't usually take part in protests but is concerned about the budget cuts and thought this was worth joining.

“I liked the creative forces behind this. We need to be extra creative to get noticed in the face of well-paid lobbyists,” she said. “I hope this kind of action will spur other people.”

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