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Today’s highlights

Popular Spokane Indians superhero Recycle Man poses for pictures with a young recycler before a recent ballgame. “You, too, can be a hero if you recycle,” he says. SR photo/J. Bart Rayniak

There's news from all over in today's Valley Voice. Reporter Pia Hallenberg checked in with Mascot Man, who fills the suits of various mascots in the area. We have the full story on Monday's special Spokane Valley City Council meeting, where the council voted to put one-way Sprague on the November ballot along with a $2.1 million bond to pay for it. That is down from the initial proposal for a $6.4 million project, which briefly went up to $7 million before the council vote.

In other Spokane Valley news, the city quietly hired an interim deputy city manager last week. Longtime residents may recognize Roger Crum, who worked for the City of Spokane for more than 20 years as a deputy city manager and city manager. As City Manager Mike Jackson said on Monday, “He retired in 2004 and has been working full time ever since.”

Some Liberty Lake residents can now get a reprieve from the city's new utility tax. The Liberty Lake City Council voted this week to allow utility tax rebates for low income seniors and low income disabled residents. Correspondent Cindy Hval spoke to a couple who train German Shepherds for protection and for police work.

One-way couplet will be on ballot

After a lengthy discussion and public comment from several people last night, the Spokane Valley City Council voted to put the one-way Sprague issue on the ballot. The council did change the dollar figure, however. The original proposal was for $6.4 million, which included the cost to convert Sprague and Appleway to two-way between Argonne and University, repave the roads, install stormwater improvements and put in extensive landscaping. The council vote was to put the issue on the ballot with only the $2.1 million required to convert the roads. I'll have more details in a story in Thursday's Valley Voice.

Saturday’s highlights

Laurie Williams grows flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruits in a greenhouse on her farm, Prairie Flats, north of Bigelow Gulch, that she sells at farmers markets. SR photo/J. Bart Rayniak

Ah, my cold front has arrived. It's a shame it won't be here longer than a day or two, but I'll take what I can get. Meanwhile, there are some highlights from Saturday's Valley Voice to bring you in case you missed them. The Spokane Valley City Council is having a special meeting at 6 p.m. tonight to decide whether to ask voters for a $6.4 million bond to pay to switch Sprague and Appleway to two-way between University and Argonne. But as it turns out, there is a $4.2 million grant the city could get to pay for the same project.

In other city news, the council also decided to trim back the list of road projects they will seek grants for. They agreed that their priority should be replacement of the Sullivan Road bridge, which has weight restrictions in place. The council members are worried if they tackle too many road projects, they won't have enough left for the bridge.

Correspondent Valerie Putnam has a nice story on a woman who has started a new business based on her love of gardening. Reporter Lisa Leinberger, who has been visiting area SCOPE stations, checked in with University SCOPE and talked to volunteers about what they do to protect their neighborhood.  

Today’s highlights

The statue, called Berry Picker, is an enlarged replica of a small bronze by the late artist Nancy McLaughlin. SR photo/Jesse Tinsley

The City of Spokane Valley has a new piece of art to boast about. Last week a crowd gathered for the unveiling of the Berry Picker, a larger-than-life bronze statue of a Native American woman. It is just behind CenterPlace and within shouting distance of another large bronze, this one of a mountain man, donated to the city a few years ago.

The Spokane Valley City Council spent a lot of time this week discussing a proposed ballot measure to convert Sprague and Appleway to two-way between University and Argonne. Some citizens testified that they thought the bond proposal was unnecessarily expensive and seemed to be designed to fail.

Reporter Lisa Leinberger talked to some longtime volunteers at West Valley SCOPE about their work, including hosting the annual West Valley Days event. The Spokane Valley Fire Department Commissioners voted this week on what wording to put on a plaque that will accompany a piece of steel beam from the World Trade Center towers when it is dedicated next month. They asked for suggestions from the community and selected their favorite.

Correspondent Val Putnam has a preview of Millwood Daze, which is set for Aug. 27. The list of things going on that day is long and includes breakfast, a fun run, live music, vendors, art festival and more. It sounds like it would be easy to spend the entire day in Millwood and still not be able to check it all out.

Spokane Valley City Council meeting will go long

Those of us who gather for tonight's Spokane Valley City Council meeting at 6 p.m. at City Hall are going to be there a while. There's a whopping seven administrative reports, which tend to be lengthy, on the agenda. The council will start off with votes on the first reading of a proposed ordinance to put one-way Sprague on the November ballot and a motion on a road project list to submit for grant funding.

The report topics include preliminary revenues and expenditures for the 2012 budget, road projects that may qualify for a safety grant program, an update on the regional solid waste issue and railroad quiet zones.

So come and join me at 11707 E. Sprague if you feel brave (or have had lots of coffee today).

City Council will be busy tonight

The agenda for tonight's Spokane Valley City Council meeting is a little one the long side. First up will be the first reading of a proposed ordinance on the St. John Vianney rezone request, which will likely attract some public comment.

The council will also consider whether to spend more than $80,000 on a consultant to do preliminary work on establishing quiet zones at the Park Road and Vista Road Union Pacific railroad crossings. A group of citizens approached the council last year with a petition asking for the quiet zones, which require extensive safety barriers in exchange for trains not blowing their whistles at crossings.

Other topics up for discussion include the speed limit on the newly constructed portion of Indiana in Greenacres and a draft ballot ordinance for the one-way Sprague issue. The meeting starts at 6 p.m. at City Hall, 11707 E. Sprague.

Saturday’s highlights

The yellow mate to this green fiberglass inchworm was stolen from Discovery Playground. The inchworms had been installed this spring in the Secret Garden area of the playground. SR photo/J. Bart Rayniak

Those promised thuderstorms never materialized Saturday, so here's your chance to catch up on some of the stories from Saturday's Valley Voice if you were out and about. Spokane Valley Parks and Recreation Department employees are frustrated with the fascination that vandals seem to have with the larger-than-life features in the new Discovery Playground. Last week someone made of with a 5 foot long yellow inchworm, so keep your eyes open for it.

The Newman Lake SCOPE volunteers keep busy protecting their neighborhood from crime, but they can always use a few more helping hands. As reporter Lisa Leinberger writes, they have a lot of different programs running that people can help with.

The Spokane Valley City Council took another step closer to putting the one-way Sprague issue on the November ballot, agreeing to spend between $40,000 and $60,000 on a detailed traffic study. The city has already spent about $40,000 on a preliminary traffic study. The issue must be decided by Aug. 16, which is the deadline to add items to the ballot.  

Coming on Saturday

I hear we are expecting thunderstorms tomorrow, so it sounds like a good day to stay inside and read the Saturday Valley Voice. I blogged about the inchworm stolen from Discovery Park the other day and in the Voice I'll have a story with more details, including what the Parks Department plans to do to stem the rash of vandalism and thefts.

Reporter Lisa Leinberger checked in with the Newman Lake SCOPE group, who are looking for more volunteers to swell their ranks. Since I was out and about last week on the day I usually get the weekly call details from the Spokane Valley Fire Department I have two weeks of information for you tomorrow. There were a lot of fires, including two mobile homes destroyed and numerous illegal fires.

You'll also get a second report from this week's Spokane Valley City Council meeting. They had a lengthy discussion on putting the one-way Sprague issue on the November ballot. Nothing has been finalized yet, but they took a couple steps forward.

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