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What do people think about Spokane Valley?

A couple days ago I Tweeted several Spokane Valley survey responses. The city recently completed a mail-in survey to hear what people think about the city's parks, police, transportation service, jobs, appearance and more. Two thousand surveys were sent to random households and 459 responses were returned (24 percent).

One of the questions asked was, “What one thing do you believe the city can do to make Spokane Valley a better community?” Some responses were detailed, others were a single word. Some contradicted each other. Several people called for the Sprague and Appleway couplet to be made one-way while several others said it should stay the some. Others called for more of a police presence on the streets. More than a few disincorporation advocates said the city should go away completely. Several people suggested creating some sort of youth center for teens.

Here are some of the verbatim responses:

Keep city taxes at an essential minimum.

New city council that doesn't believe that everything should center on commercial business.

Less snow removal is better than too much, fire the dog catcher, write more speeding tickets, enforce “no trucks” zones.

Educate police on the word “fair.”

Clean up the industrial buildings that have been abandoned. Bird control!

Develop a city center - in the center of the city.

Free wireless internet for everyone in Spokane Valley.

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