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A warmup is in store


Do you know by the end of the week the forecast calls for temperatures in the high 50s in the Inland Northwest? High 50s. Golfing weather. Wonder if I can lose 20 pounds by Friday? Read on.

A quick look back at Saturday’s action


We had such a huge day of local basketball yesterday, we want to get the links up to those stories as early as possible. So we're putting this up now and will be back later with more. UPDATE: OK, we are back, with more links from yesterday. So now you can read on for everything.

What a Saturday


Wow. What a Saturday. Gonzaga's men and women in the West Coast Conference tournament. Eastern Washington in the Big Sky tournament. Idaho, the hottest team around, finishing up its regular season. Washington State concluding Pac-12 regular season play against USC, one of the worst teams in recent conference history. And all the state basketball finals, from the Bs in Spokane to the big schools in Tacoma. What a Saturday. I can't remember a Saturday like this one for, what, at least a year? Read on.

Spring can’t be too far away


Most people believe winter is about over when they see the first robin of spring. Or maybe the first crocus. Not me. I know it's over when I see my first State B basketball game at the Arena. It's more reliable than any bird or flower or even a groundhog. Watch a B game, know that it will only be a couple weeks until the golf course opens. Well the B tourney opened yesterday and I couldn't be happier. Read on.

Time to tip a busy weekend


It's Thursday. That's a pretty crowded news day in its own right. But it's also the first day of the Washington state basketball tournaments. And it's also a busy college basketball week. With all that being said, no reason to chit-chat. Best to just get on to the news – and links. Read on.

Hey snow, you can leap this


Around the Inland Northwest, there is a lot of truth to the old saw about March coming in like a lion. And this year did not disappoint. Here it is, the first day of March and there's more snow … wait, what? Leap year? Really. Another damn day of winter? Great. … Anyway, here it is, the final day of Februrary – if Kim is to be believed – and there's more snow on the ground. Though some people connected to our local college basketball programs get to escape to Southern California or Las Vegas this week, land of sunshine, bright lights and Double-Doubles, some of us will be shoveling snow and hoping spring hurries up and gets here. Of course, it will only take longer if the powers-that-be continue adding days to February.  Read on.

Noon, really?


Really, we were going to bide our time on this subject. Wait until next week to vent. But you can't always control the news cycle. Sometimes your hand is forced by an outside entity. So you have to move before you're ready. Read on.

It’s high school state tourney time


Really contemplated just sleeping in until about noon today. After the weekend we had in Spokane – there is about a foot of snow on my back deck, though that's mostly in a pile pushed up against the railing due to the wind – and the probable lack of news to pass along, I thought it would be permissible to just skip out on my morning post. But after heading downstairs to let the dog out and seeing the beautiful weather – bright sunshine reflected on pristine snow – it was easy to sit down in front of the computer. Now if there were just more news to pass along. Read on.

Sometimes even winning isn’t winning


Well, that wasn't a good night if you are a local men's college basketball fan. Unless, of course, your team of choice is Whitworth. Because, on this Saturday, the only local college team that really won was the Pirates. Read on.

Don’t plan too much for today


What is it about Saturday mornings this time of year? If you want to spend your day cleaning out the garage or showshoeing on Mt. Spokane or golfing in Phoenix, don't click the link. By the time you are done, you'll only have enough time to shower, shave and shine your shoes before heading to dinner and a movie. But who really wants to clean the garage? So go ahead and read on.

The Kennel’s magic is alive and well


Behold the power of the Kennel. Gonzaga obviously didn't play all that well Thursday night, giving up a battalion of offensive rebounds and turning the ball over 20 times, but they still defeated visiting Brigham Young by 11. That, my friends, is the power of the Kennel. Read on.

BYU, GU face off in WCC’s newest rivalry


I'm sorry, but I don't get it. How does dressing up in a dark suit and tie for a basketball game constitute hate? Read on.

Zags on a wild ride


I'm not a rollercoaster guy. Mainly it has to do with heights – to say I hate them is an understatement; it's more like an irrational fear – but it also has to do with the constant up and downs. Speed is fine. Give me a ride that races around corners and stretches the boundaries of centrifugal force anytime. But rollercoasters? No thanks. What does this have to do with sports? I think you know. Read on.

A question on another good day


Yesterday was a good day. After eating lunch with a bunch of folks and talking sports, got to go on the radio and talk sports for three hours. Then, en route to the Spokane Valley to cover a high school basketball game, got to listen to Bud Nameck and the first part of the Cougar game. After writing, headed home and got to listen to Tom Hudson, Matt Santangelo and the end of the Zag game. Yep, this retired thingee is cool. Read on.

Another title in Gonzaga’s sights


It happened again. A week ago Zags' nation had changed its name to consternation. The consensus was there was little, if any, chance Gonzaga would be able to catch St. Mary's and win its 12th-consecutive West Coast Conference title. Then the Bulldogs blew out the Gaels on Thursday. And last night, well, last night St. Mary's opened the door to GU and said, “come in.”  Read on.

High school hoops a form of time travel


Spent last night in a high school gym covering a high school basketball game. Seems as if I've spent a lot of my life in high school gyms attending high school basketball games. And seems is reality in this case. Read on.

Don’t forget what day it is


Unless you've been living under the Rock of Gibraltar, or possibly under Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson's house, you know what today is. It comes fast on the heels of Groundhog's Day and, if you don't want to be stuck under a shadow for six weeks, most of you better get today right. Read on.

Knockout Sunday television


We're going in a different direction today, one you'll see off and on as the weather warms – and the local sports news thins. We spent much of yesterday afternoon glued to the television, watching a heavyweight fight, though the guys on the screen weren't boxers. It was a knockout though. And it was the best action of the weekend, though I don't believe anyone involved broke a sweat. Read on.

A sick Sunday morning blog post


Sorry this is so late on this rainy Sunday, but you know that virus I wrote about yesterday, the one that attacked my computer? Well, it somehow jumped through the keyboard and infected me – Tron III anyone? – and now I'm the one running hot, processing information slowly and watching my batteries run down at lightning speed. The computer? It's just fine thank you. Read on.

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