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College football’s wild day could hit here


If you follow college football, yesterday morning was pretty exciting. And no one even played. Read on.

Was last night a turning point for M’s?


Some days are easy to identify as turning points. Others are a bit harder. And often times the realization doesn't come for a week or two. Read on.

Teams look for mix that will help them percolate


We have been on a mission lately. A mission to put together the perfect cup of morning coffee. After multiple attempts, the elusive mix seems to have come together today and we couldn't be happier. Read on.

Turnovers are a tasty treat for football teams


It's said if you can learn something new every day, then you never really age. So what happens if what you learn is just a reoccurrence of something you learned long ago, but forgot? Does that mean you've reverted back to that earlier age? It's enough to make your head spin. Read on.

The NFL (and the Seahawks) reign supreme


Listening to Colin Cowherd this morning, I was struck once again by the power of the NFL. A Thursday night game in early September on the tube draws a 16-plus overnight rating, according to numbers cited by the ESPN radio host. That's better than NBA final games, World Series games, heck better than most any other sporting event. It's the season opener, sure. And the defending Super Bowl champions are on, which makes it a bit more special. But that doesn't explain how the pregame show gets a rating in the 15s. That's just domination. More dominating than even the Seahawk defense. Read on.

Seahawks begin their quest to repeat tonight


Will the Seahawks repeat as Super Bowl champions? That's the question everyone wants answered, right? So what is the answer? Read on.

Couldn’t the rain have held off a couple days?


I am not ready for this. I get up to get a cup of coffee, look outside and it's raining. Not a nice summer shower either. A cold, nasty, hard late fall type rain. hat the heck? I blame all you folks who couldn't wait for football season to get here. Your collective consciousness has messed with the local environment and brought on an early autumn. You can all go to heck in a hand basket – whatever that is – as far as I'm concerned. Read on. 

There is no place like Safeco for Young


Far be it for me to second-guess a Mariners' manager, especially as we delve into football season. Usually by now we're all more interested in the Cougars or the Eagles or the Seahawks. And Lloyd McClendon has done a masterful job keeping the M's – a flawed team – in contention for a wild-card berth. But something that happened over the weekend had me shaking my head. And I still am. Can't you hear the rattling? Read on.

Labor Day is the right name for every day of the football season


It's a holiday, right? Which means I don't have to plug the parking meters if I go downtown. That's how I can always tell. Working in the world of sports, sometimes that's the only way. Because sports folks never take a day off. Read on.

We always (over)react to college football’s first full Saturday


My first impression of the initial full week of college football: It's good to see the Pac-12 officials are in midseason form. Read on.

The M’s are sinking in the West


If you wondered when this M's follower's dream of winning the American League West passed away, wonder no longer. It occurred in the fourth inning last night, when Wilson Ramos drove a high changeup over the left-field wall, the fourth of four home runs Felix Hernandez would surrender. Read on.

There is something about this that seems familiar


If you woke up this morning thinking you were in some sort of reality TV version of “Groundhog Day,” don't fret. You aren't alone. Pretty much every Cougar fan in America feels the same way. Read on.

You’ll need some time to get through today’s links


You working today? If you are, I'm sorry. This is the type of day that should only occur on a Saturday. Or a Sunday. Or a holiday. That's it. Today should be a holiday. Read on.

Our local sports community is virtually endless


Social media is really big on creating virtual communities, groups of people with like-minded interests that gather in the ether of the Internet to converse and commiserate. It's a pretty new phenomenon, though it mirrors something I've seen going on in Spokane for, I don't know, 30 years. Read on.

Now we’ve seen it all


Like a lot of you, I've been following the Mariners for a long time. We've seen most everything, from the improbable comeback of 1995 to the nearly flawless 2001 regular season. We've seen awful defeats – way too many of those – and heart-stopping victories. We've seen great pitchers, terrible pitchers, marvelous hitters and Mario Mendoza. Heck, we've even seen a player try to blow a ground ball foul. But, until yesterday, we hadn't seen the M's sweep a three-game-or-more series in Boston. Read on.

Eastern breathes new life into college football scene


You want to know one thing that made me really happy about watching Eastern Washington's win over Sam Houston State yesterday on ESPN? Not once, as far as I could tell, did the self-proclaimed world-wide leader show the tired old shot of the Spokane Falls roaring in downtown. That seems like a win to me. Read on.

The M’s rallied and so did the fans


Like a whole bunch of you, I was torn last night. Watch the end of the Mariners' game or the first part of the Seahawks, when the starters would be playing? After Yoenis Cespedes' three-run, sixth-inning home run seemed to seal the M's fate, I decided on the Hawks. But I made sure I turned back for the ninth inning. I'm sure glad I did. Read on.

Some things matter tonight, others don’t


The Seahawks take to the CenturyLink turf again tonight, the third of four preseason games. As always there is one overarching goal for Pete Carroll and his team: stay healthy. Read on.

Football season has officially begun


The NFL began a while ago. Colleges started late last month. And now football season is officially here. Yep, the high schools here in Washington began practice yesterday. Read on.

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