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TUESDAY, OCT. 22, 2013, 1:29 P.M.

Don’t panic about Apple’s updates

Today there was a lot of hullaballoo about Apple's new <insert Apple product here>. The <insert Apple product here> makes your old <insert Apple product here> seem old, and you might have this little pit in your stomach believing that you're being left in the dust technologically.

Stop it.

It's not worth the heartburn or the anxiety, and it is certainly not worth the interest paid on your credit card bill to get riled up inside over Apple's <insert Apple product here>.

Here are the facts:

  1. Apple announces a new/improved <insert Apple product here> every year.
  2. Realize that <insert Apple product here>, while probably awesome, won't intrinsically improve your life.
  3. Read a book. Play your guitar. Dig in your garden. Go on with life. Intrinsically improve your life.
  4. Be content with <insert Apple product here> generation XYZ because it is still almost exactly the same as the new <insert Apple product here>, only six months older and it's not like the software features announced today won't be available for your current <insert Apple product here>.
  5. When <insert Apple product here> generation XYZ has finally given up the ghost then, and ONLY then, should you start looking at the new <insert Apple product here>.
  6. Repeat next year.

That's it. Apple comes out with new stuff all the time, and you're a fool to chase the rabbit down the rabbit hole worrying that you'll be late to the party. You won't be.

Unless you're an Android user. Then, srsly, get with the program.

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