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Museum of Mario

I hate to talk too much about Mario since I'm not really much of a gamer anymore, but IGN recently put up a Museum of Mario HTML5 webpage that is a great use of newer web technology to create an interactive and entertaining experience. It's a fully responsive design, which is fantastic considering that there is animation going on. It seems to work best using Chrome, but Firefox works fine and I'm assuming Safari is too. You're on your own with IE, since I don't use it.

Play Super Mario Bros. in your browser

I love the Super Mario Bros. more than any other game on the planet. I spent countless hours perfecting my jumping skills, learning the secret pathways through the game, and advancing to the point where I could go through the whole game without dying. All on my 13” black and white tv with shakey coax-to-antenna connector.

Good times, that.

That's one reason I'm so excited about, a version of SMB that is fully playable in your browser.

It's an HTML5 browser app (you need the Google Chrome browser to play it), and it works really well. I'm a little shaky on using a keyboard to control Mario's blips and bloops, but it seems responsive enough to work with.

What is super rad is that you can play new random levels, or even CREATE levels. I can't wait to get into that more fully.

If you're a Mario aficionado, you won't be disappointed.

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