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Nerd Wikis

So, one of the things about nerds is that they're sticklers for details. Let's take a simple quiz to gauge your ranking in the nerd herd:

1) Approximately how old is Yoda? (n00b nerd)

2) Gandalf was of what race? (well-qualified nerd)

3) What are the “Eyes of Ibad” (overly-qualified nerd)

If you're one of the qualified nerds, you're probably qualified to edit one of the nerd wikis hosted on Wikia. If you're not one of the qualified nerds, you'll be amazed at the sheer amount of time that some people have on their hands. I've grabbed just a few of the better nerd wikis to peruse, but be forewarned: they are rabbit holes, and you will come out the other side sporting Spock's immaculate beard.

I'm actually quite surprised that Marvel edges out Star Wars and that the Star Trek wiki is so puny in comparison. Of course, the entire Star Trek universe was split into canonical and non-canonical sources and each entry tends to be extremely exhaustive (5000 words for Captain Elias A. Vaughn ?), because Trekkie.

There are also tons of video game wikis, a Disney wiki, and all sorts of other stuff deemed too “low-brow” for the almighty Wikipedia, so check it out.

These are a few of the nerdiest things

Girls speaking Klingon and 16 Gig caches, writing in code with some dots and some dashes, Wood Elves with bows fighting dragons with wings, … these are a few of the nerdiest things.

—Jim Stone, local nerd

Last week a friend made a joke on the Twitters about getting glasses and becoming a “four eyes nerd”, so I sent her a welcome tweet:

In hindsight, I'm not in love with that list. Two out of four things fit the “nerd” stereotype (D&D manual, Klingon dictionary), but the other two don't work for me. I had to get the snark out quick, so the list is what it is, but I think it can/should be improved. We have the technology.

Here are a few other things that might have worked better:

  • Dr. Who bowtie
  • A replica medieval broadsword
  • The K&R C programming book

I'm pulling a blank on anything more nerdy than what I've got here. Suggestions?

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