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Nikon Df: Nikon’s throwback camera

For the past few years, I was a Pentax guy. Old Pentax glass is amazing and their newer digital bodies themselves are good, capable and affordable. I flirted briefly with a Canon 5D, but I traded that away for a motorcycle, so now I have no camera at all. That makes me a sad panda.

But today, I see a Wired article about the new Nikon Df, and an overwhelming sense of desire comes over me. Imagine a classic F body with the brains of a modern digital SLR. Just take a look at this this thing, and tell me you're not instantly in love with it:

Waves of nostalgia for an era that was old even before I was born wash over me just thinking about it. The Df isn't just a pretty toy, it's got the full-frame sensor of their top of the line D4 camera hidden in there, and the price tag to boot. The body alone is almost $3k, so I'll probably remain a sad panda for a long time, but a fella can dream, can't he?

The Spokesman-Review is a Nikon shop, so I'm curious if I can get one of the photogs here to get one and let me borrow it? (Hint hint.)

Just look at how cool that thing looks. Rawr. Read more of the specs on Nikon's website.


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