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Cool nerdy safety products from Honeywell

Honeywell, why didn't you tell us you made such cool safety products? I don't know how I even got on your website, but I think you deserve to have a page telling you how much I admire your super nerdy gear.


It's a chainmail tunic, just like King Arthur. I don't know if it will stop an arrow, but it will certainly stop you from Cupid's arrow. Wear this, and your days of warding off females left and right will come to an end.

CHAINEXIUM with sleeve

Chainexium. (What a boss name.) Because you needed chainmail arm/hand protection, didn't you? Cool name too

Sperian Bionic Faceshield-Clear, PC Fog-Ban/Anti-scratch Visor

For when the aliens attact, you need to be able to look the part. And it is anti-scratch.

Frame - GPT LS6 Laser Protection Goggles

Protect your eyes from laser pointers.

Lamex Plus

This one is cool. It's a aluminum plate tunic. But Honeywell, srsly?

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