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Treasure Hunting archive for June 2010

SUNDAY, JUNE 27, 2010

Interior of the farmhouse being remodeled by Jana Roach (Jana Roach / Photo courtesy of Jana Roach)

Montana Memories

Continuing my Treasure Hunting series featuring noteworthy collectors, creative types and entrepreneurs, I’m introducing Jana Roach. Roach lives near Kalispell, Montana in the beautiful Flathead Valley, and as one of the creators of Montana’s Vintage Whites Market, she spends a lot of time searching for...

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Kathleen Cavender sale

Those of us who love old things, ordinary objects that show the wear of many hands, are the curators. We gather and collect and admire our finds. We bring them out for others to admire. We hold onto our treasures. And when those pieces have...

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MONDAY, JUNE 21, 2010


Boutiques and Blooms

I got up early to get started on what promises to be a busy day. My first stop was the Boutiques and Blooms sale at the home of Holly Dalke. The sale is part of the Inland Empire Gardener's Club Spokane in Bloom Tour. Dalke's...

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FRIDAY, JUNE 11, 2010

Saturday Flea Market At Moran Vista

So, if you're looking for something fun to do before heading down to the Arena for the live broadcast of A Prairie Home Companion, here's a little treasure hunting tip:Moran Vista Senior Living is hosting their 3rd annual Flea Market.Here are the details:What: Moran Vista...

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Antique canning jars in a vintage shopping basket at the 2010 Farm Chicks Show in Spokane. (Cheryl-Anne Millsap / Photo by Cheryl-Anne Millsap)

The Treasure Hunting Calendar 

The predictable thing about spring and summer is that it's the time of year that treasure-hunters are out in full force. And all that shopping and prepping and months of hard work done by dealers pays off in a big way. This is the season...

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Vintage books on organic farming. (Cheryl-Anne Millsap / Photo by Cheryl-Anne Millsap)

Armchair Farming with Vintage Books 

Some people read thrillers. They like high-flying espionage and doomsday scenarios or murder mysteries with gory homicide cases solved by little old ladies or wise-cracking private detectives. This is the polar opposite of their ordinary life, but then that’s what makes the plots so exciting....

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Handmade notebooks by Clothespin Cards were featured at the 2010 Farm Chicks Show. (Cheryl-Anne Millsap / Photo by Cheryl-Anne Millsap)

Clothespin Cards

You know there's a diamond in the sandbox. Somewhere. All you have to do is find it. That's what it feels like to shop for one small thing in a crowded market or antiques show. There are so many things to look at, there is...

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MONDAY, JUNE 7, 2010

SUNDAY, JUNE 6, 2010


Crowds wait for the opening of the June 2010 Farm Chicks Antique Show. (Cheryl-Anne Millsap / Photo by Cheryl-Anne Millsap)

Farm Chicks draw a crowd

I headed out the the Farm Chicks sale early. I wanted to see how many people would be lined up and waiting for a chance to do some serious shopping.The photo says it all.By 9 a.m., the lined snaked all the way from the ticket...

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FRIDAY, JUNE 4, 2010

 (Cheryl-Anne Millsap / Photo by Cheryl-Anne Millsap)

Symphony Upscale Sale: Selling For a Song

I stopped by the Spokane Symphony Associates Upscale Sale today. I had too many commitments yesterday and couldn't make the preview sale but wasn't worried about it. The way I see it, if there's something there for me, I'll find it. If not, well, I'll...

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 (Cheryl-Anne Millsap / Photo by Cheryl-Anne Millsap)

Read my boots

So far, the weekend is pretty sloppy. What with Art Fest, the Symphony Associates Upscale Sale and the Farm Chicks show, the weather could put a damper on all the fun.So what? True treasure hunters never mind a little inclement weather. We've got all the...

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Girls Gone Wild

I'm curious. How many of you will be going to this weekend's Farm Chick's sale or Spokane Symphony Associates Upscale Sale in the company of friends? Do you hunt in a pack or are you a solo stalker, preferring to troll the aisles alone?What's your...

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Cheryl-Anne Millsap writes about antiques and collectibles and the love of all things vintage. Millsap's Home Planet column appears each week in the Wednesday "Pinch" supplement and she is The Spokesman-Review's female automobile reviewer. She is a regular contributor to Spokane Public Radio and her essays can be heard on Public Radio stations across the country. Cheryl-Anne is the author of "Home Planet: A Life in Four Seasons."

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