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Appendix discovery

Doctors finally believe they have found the use of the appendix! The theory is that the Appendix stores and produces good germs for the stomach. Read the Article.

This is supposed to be a fairly recent, somewhat major discovery. Today is October 6, 2007. After doing a simple image search on Google for the appendix, I made a discovery: a website last updated September 14, 2006 said

In the past, the appendix was considered an evolutionary leftover. Now however, scientists acknowledge that the appendix helps support the immune system in two ways. It helps tell lymphocytes where they need to go to fight an infection and it boosts the large intestine's immunity to a variety of foods and drugs. The latter helps keep your gastrointestinal tract from getting inflamed in response to certain food and medications you ingest.

Am I confused? It seems like this site is saying not only what the scientists are coming out with today, but saying it in more detail than what has been released to the press. Perhaps these current results are more comprehensive and conclusive. educate yourself.

Any ways, I think this subject matter goes deeper than a squigly dead-end tube. This reminded me of how little we really know about everything. It took what we consider brilliant minds centuries to figure out what a part of our own body-something we've been routinely taking out of people for a long time-actually does for the body. How much more can we learn about ourselves? What important pieces of our life are we missing?

We learn about the renaissance, and awakening of knowledge and light, increacing sciences and open mindedness like never before as if it is a thing of the past. To me it seems we are still in the midst of a great constant increase of truth and power.

Thank goodness, or we may never have figured out what that appendix thing is for!

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