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WEDNESDAY, DEC. 31, 2008

Attainable New Year's Resolutions

Not only are these "attainable", they're also really funny. I think I'm going to adopt some of these as my New Year's Resolutions... ;) Gain weight. At least 30 pounds. Stop exercising. Waste of time. Read less. Makes you think. Watch more TV. I've been...

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TUESDAY, DEC. 30, 2008

Wow! Time sure does fly by...

I woke up, and realized today was the 30th of December. Yikes! That means... that... tomorrow... is New Year's Eve! *Gasp* Where did the year go? Who knows... but I'd say for the most part, my year was well spent. How about you? Well, I...

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A sign of definite intelligence - The Vox Book Club (The Spokesman-Review)

New Assignments!

Alright guys, our next discussion will be this Friday. We'll be finishing up the first section, which means the last four parts are officially assigned today. So read through "The Jesse Owens Incident," "The Other Side of Sandpaper," "The Smell of Friendship," and "The Heavyweight...

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A sign of definite intelligence - The Vox Book Club (The Spokesman-Review)

The Kiss 

More Book Thief discussion, here we come! Here we'll discuss the 4th section of the book, The Kiss (A Childhood Decision Maker).In this section, Liesel describes a select few of the people in her neighborhood. We learn about Rudy Steiner, Frau Diller, Tommy Muller, and...

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MONDAY, DEC. 29, 2008

It's a boy for Bristol 

Bristol Palin, the teenage daughter of Alaskan governor Sarah Palin, gave birth to a 7-pound, 4-ounce boy on Sunday. She and the father, Levi Johnston, have named the baby Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston. Both mother and child are in good health, though that's all the...

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Some hot chocolate would sure be nice with this car-shmallow. (Christopher Anderson / The Spokesman-Review)

It just keeps on Comin'... 

... the snow that is. Everywhere I look, all I see is snow, snow... (and you guessed it!) more snow. The snow just keeps coming, hardly stopping to give us a break to catch up. So, here I pose the question: How much snow is...

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This Scottish ogre is singing his heart out. (Joan Marcus)

Belching and Breaking Wind...How Beautiful

The very green (and very sarcastic) Scottish ogre has now found his place: center stage.Sunday was the night for 'Shrek the Musical', the official debut of the 'screen-to-stage musical' based on the 2001 animated film and children's book by William Steig.Played by Brian d'Arcy James...

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cheap... or smart? 

With the economy slowing down, people are obviously spending less. But how's this affect teenagers? Maybe for those of us who don't work, and even those who do work, money for fun comes from mom and dad. Do you find yourself trying to do cheaper...

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SUNDAY, DEC. 28, 2008

South Africa's New Extreme Sport

Image from people have heard of cage diving with sharks. Cango Ranch in South Africa is now offering cage diving with crocodiles. You are given a snorkel, a mask, and a cage before you are lowered into the water with five crocs- each with...

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SATURDAY, DEC. 27, 2008

The year is disappearing but these albums will live forever...picture found at

Looking Back on 2008's Tunes 10 

The year is quickly coming to a close - we'll soon be watching the ball drop and partying along with Dick Clark's Rocking New Year's Eve; but now it's time to lovingly look back on the tunes that rocked 2008.In its' The Best of 2008:...

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FRIDAY, DEC. 26, 2008

A sign of definite intelligence - The Vox Book Club (The Spokesman-Review)

Your Next Assignment!...

Yup, you sound like total spies: Your next assignment is here...So we've covered the Prologue and the first two chapters - We're gonna keep moving on with The Book Thief.After posting your thoughts and chatting with others, go forth and prosper on to read the...

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A sign of definite intelligence - The Vox Book Club (The Spokesman-Review)

Arrival on Himmel Street 

Time for round two of Book Club! First up is the first section of part one, entitled "Arrival on Himmel Street." In this section, we gain more insight into the death of the book thief's brother, get a glimpse of her new foster family, and...

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A sign of definite intelligence - The Vox Book Club (The Spokesman-Review)

Growing Up A 'Saumensch'...

Here we go - discussion of The Book Thief, Chapter 2 commences here!So we begin with a description of the books and their meaning. Death describes them as not just meaning 'something, but everything.' What else do they represent? Do you have an object in...

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WEDNESDAY, DEC. 24, 2008

Merry Christmas! 

I know, I know. The readers of The Vox Box aren't jumping up and down, hyperactively anxious for Santa to arrive- or at least we shouldn't be. But when has that ever stopped us before? For a few years now, I've shown my younger family...

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Goodbye, Paper. Hello, Pixels!

Are electronic book devices in the near future for reading?The e-book industry has remained a silent secret for almost a decade, but now, due in part to sky-rocketing advertising efforts on, e-books' sales will launch.Although the book industry and technology have always been tightly...

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TUESDAY, DEC. 23, 2008

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It...No! 

Baby, it's COLD outside. The most flurries and most furies have given birth to the snow storm of the century, and it isn't going anywhere. This snow means business.Local snowfall records have been broken in Spokane and Coeur d' Alene. It is the most outrageous...

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MONDAY, DEC. 22, 2008

baby one more time...

How is it that celebrities like Britney Spears can have huge "come backs" before their albums are released and before they have shown signs of new success? I was watching some television and it seems that the media is so consumed with talking about her...

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Las Vegas Snow Storm cancels flights

Apparently, Spokane wasn't the only place to recieve a dumping of snow last Wednesday. A rare snowfall blanketed Las Vegas on Wednesday, canceling all flights in and out of the city, snarling traffic and dusting palm trees and marquees along the Las Vegas Strip.Now, Las...

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Star Wars dance off! 

I am practicing this morning with this blog stuff, and want to experiment with embedding a video. I found this one... I shall embrace my Star Wars nerdness and post it. I found it exciting and terrifying all at the same time, especially when Darth...

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A sign of definite intelligence - The Vox Book Club (The Spokesman-Review)

The Flag... 

Round 4 of Book Thief Discussion!The Flag.Discussion Questions:The color of the last section was black, now we read about red; What effect does this have on the section?The Narrator compares the falling ash to snow, Are there any other aspects of the book that compares...

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