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The Vox Box archive for May 2008

THURSDAY, MAY 29, 2008

FLDS Children to Go Back Home

MSNBC reports that the Texas Supreme Court has upheld an appellate court ruling forcing the return of 300 or so children to the polygamist sect.The court cited the DA's lack of evidence pointing to immediate danger, but that is not the only problem: The children...

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It's official: teenagers are sucky drivers.

Credit: © BananaStock/SuperStock"Accidents involving teen drivers cost more than $34 billion in ’06."Full article... By Doug Newcomb:Ask any parent who has just added a kid to the family’s insurance policy and they’ll tell you how expensive it is to have a teen behind the wheel....

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TUESDAY, MAY 27, 2008

The Newest Craigslist Craze: Babies!?!

Photo credit... Canadian police recently arrested a couple for attempting to sell their week-old daughter on Craigslist for the equivalent for $10,100. This is the second time in just as many weeks that someone has been arrested for trying to sell their baby over the...

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Indiana Jones Angers Real-Life Communists

Reuters reports that:Russian Communist Party members condemned the new "Indiana Jones" film on Friday as crude, anti-Soviet propaganda that distorts history and called for it to be banned from Russian screens."Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" stars Harrison Ford as an archeologist...

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FRIDAY, MAY 23, 2008

THURSDAY, MAY 22, 2008


Looking for a cartoonist

cartoon by Steve Benson, Arizona Republic As we have been advertising, we are currently taking applications for next year's staff. We need writers and photographers, and we also need a cartoonist. Next year's Vox editor in chief, Conor Wigert, and I recently attended a conference...

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SATURDAY, MAY 17, 2008

While Grazing the Internet...

I found this website called Essentially, this site gathers happy or inspiring news stories from all over the world and puts them all in one place.With all of the destruction going on all around the world lately, this site is a nice change. Sometimes...

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TUESDAY, MAY 13, 2008

Einstein Smacks Religion

Here's the story. Educate yourself if you feel so inclined.A letter being auctioned in London this week adds more fuel to the long-simmering debate about the Nobel Prize-winning physicist's religious views. In the note, written the year before his death, Einstein dismissed the idea of...

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If you think your school is tough...

There's so much discussion nowadays over whether teens are overloaded and overwhelmed with school and preparation for college, I thought I would just remind you all it could be worse.SEOUL, South Korea — It is 10:30 p.m. and students at the elite Daewon prep school...

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East Valley School District sued for $1

Also in this month's Vox, East Valley High student Sarah Radmar writes about a lawsuit against the East Valley School District for $1, over students' rights to pray at school.From the story: Click here for file “We want everyone to have the ability to meet...

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Energy drinks rattles school

From the Oregonian: MAYA BLACKMUN The Oregonian Staff TIGARD -- Teachers and administrators at Twality Middle School have seen something in the trash bins that has them worried: increasing numbers of empty energy drink cans. Some teachers became so concerned, they e-mailed parents Friday pleading...

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Download edition: The May 2008 Vox

Page one: Click here for filePage two: Click here for filePage three: Click here for filePage four: Click here for filePage five: Click here for filePage six: Click here for filePage seven: Click here for filePage eight: Click here for filePage nine: Click here for...

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Chlamydia cases on the rise in Spokane

And while on the topic of sex ed, this from a brief in yesterday's S-R:Chlamydia rates are rising in Spokane County, prompting health officials to urge more sexually transmitted disease screening.Women may develop pelvic inflammatory disease from chlamydia. The disease is often undiagnosed, said Stacy...

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