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Increasing Number of Job Seekers Lie on Their Resumes

While staring at my blank inbox screen on my hotmail account, I saw an interesting MSN article about the types of lies job applicants write on their resumes while searching desperately for a job.

Take a look at some of these examples found while taking a survey conduced by hiring managers and workers:

-Candidate listed military experience beyond his birth date.

-Candidate claimed to have been a professional baseball player.

-Applicant invented a school that didn’t exist

-Candidate claimed to be member of the Kennedy family

-Job seeker claimed to be the CEO of a company he merely worked hourly for

-Job seeker included examples of work which were actually those of the interviewer.

What do you think? How do you make a resume stand out without resorting to dishonesty?

18 percent of those surveyed on admitted to lying about their skill set, and 10 percent confessed to lying about an academic degree.

6 percent of hiring managers overlooked the false resumes and hired the candidate anyways.

All October long…

October kicks off on Wednesday - bringin’ on all types of month-long celebrations. Here’s just a few to ponder and party about.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Yay! I love those pink ribbons - support rules!

National Apple Month! Take a BITE outta’ that one…

National Stamp Collecting Month! My tongue gets tired even just thinking about all that stamp-licking…

National Vegetarian Month! Long live soy patties!

German American Heritage Month Let there be schnitzel!

Which one are you most excited to celebrate? Any good ones that I missed?

SNL star Tina Fey gives playing Sarah Palin a second go

Last night on Saturday Night Live, Tina Fey and Amy Poeler replicated the interview between Sarah Palin and Katie Couric from a few days ago. Keep in mind, it is supposed to provide comic relief and is not a true replicaiton of the interview:). Check it out.

To watch other Saturday Night Live skits, including the first one featuring Tina Fey as Governor Palin two weeks ago, go here.

Did any of you watch the original interview between Governor Sarah Plain and Katie Couric? Obviously this video was exaggerated but would you consider it fair?

Reviving the Extinct

Watch out, world! In a century from now, one of four extinct breeds of Galapagos tortoise could be living, breathing, and lovin’ life once again!

Eleven of the fifteen species of Galapagos tortoise are still in existence. Gisella Caccone of Yale University believes that careful cross-breeding of these animals could revive the lost breed.

“…In theory it could be done, and I think it’s pretty exciting to bring back from the dead a genome that we thought was gone,” Caccone told BBC news.
Photo courtesy of BBC News

What kind of hope does this provide for other extinct species?

Gettin’ in the Sweet Spirit!…

Halloween is nearly-almost around the corner (*yip and hop for joy!* - it’s my favorite holiday!) so I felt the need to celebrate…

CANDY!…of course!


So…what’s your favorite kind of candy? How are the results?

weird…i don’t even like lemonheads…

Quotes of the Week

In light of this week’s financial crises, I feel inclined to post about financial responsibility and money. Because of the theme, I have decided to slightly alter the format for this week. I’ll have 1 unrelated quote, and 2 quotes that have appeared this week in the news or talks.
Quote 1:
We teach about how to drive in school, but not how to manage finances.
Andy Williams, pop singer

Do you feel you learn enough about finances in school? I know many schools in Spokane don’t teach driving, but I thought it fit.

Quote is here.

Quote 2:
It’s ironic that on a day when the economy is in turmoil, Barack Obama fails to release an economic plan, but instead chooses a celebrity rock album.
John McCain’s spokesman, on Obama’s plans to release an official campaign soundtrack
Do you think that the candidates responded to the crisis appropriately?
Quote and explanation found here.

Quote 3:

If money isn’t loosened up, this sucker could go down.

President GEORGE W. BUSH,
expressing dismay as he watched negotiations over the $700 billion bailout package fall apart
What are your thoughts on the bailout package? Good? Bad? Are you indifferent?

Tim Sloan- Getty Images
(In the picture, I first thought it had been Photoshopped because it looked like President Bush had 2 ears on one side of his head. Then I felt dumb.)
Quote and explanation found here.

“Haappy Birthdaay tooo Youuuu!”…


What’s the last thing you Googled? What kind of party did you have for YOUR 10th birthday?

Obscure Food News…

Ice Cream! This always-delicious treat seems to be nearly limit-less in it’s flavors and ingredients, often including standard cow’s milk, goat’s milk, and even soy milk…but mother’s milk??

AP Photo

PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) is pushing popular brand ‘Ben & Jerry’s‘ to make the switch from cow’s milk to mother’s breast milk for their ice cream, saying that it would greatly reduce pain and suffering of cows and calves while also giving customers a healthier product.

“If Ben and Jerry’s replaced the cow’s milk in it’s ice cream with breast milk, your customers - and cows - would reap the benefits,” wrote Tracy Reiman, executive vice president of PETA.

While dairy products have been associated with juvenile diabetes, allergies, and obesity, the idea using breast milk in their products got a collective “Eww” at the Ben & Jerry’s facory in Waterbury, VT.

“Milk from cows has long-term health benefits and has been proven to be safe and healthy and an important part of the American diet for generations,” Leon Berthiaume, general manager of the creamery providing for Ben & Jerry’s.

So not to worry, Ben & Jerry’s won’t be making the switch to mama’s milk - something seen by many as ‘udderly ridiculous.’

Would YOU eat ice cream made from mother’s breast milk? Would ‘human milk’ as an ingredient bother you?

Weird Art of the Week!…

Seemingly inspired by those blissful kindergarten days filled with gluing fruitloops and glitter, artist Ryan Alexiev has brought forth the phrase, “snap, crackle, and pop art.”

Using an unlikely medium, breakfast cereal, Alexiev has created mosiac portraits of icons ranging from Pamela Anderson to the likes of Osama bin Laden.

His works do have a deeper meaning than expressing his love for his morning bowl of Wheaties. The Sun says Alexiev’s newest San Francisco-based exhibition - The Land of a Million Cereals - is said to be a review of U.S. consumerism “and how central cereals are to the American constitution.”

Do you see Ryan’s use of cereal as making a statement? What’s the strangest type of food YOU’VE seen in art?

A Walk to Remember

Sunday night, we toured the D.C. area. We walked around Chinatown and finally landed at the Hardrock Cafe. Phil Collins jammed in the background as we indulged in two gourmet brownies topped with ice cream.

Afterwards, we decided to travel the route that runs from the Capital Dome to the Washington Monument through the World War II Memorial and finally finishing at the Lincoln Memorial.

I would estimate the trip was two miles in length. But the journey was well worth the blisters.

I’m a NINJA!…no, really…i am

Want to take part in this “epic timeless battle”? Which one are you? Pirate?…or Ninja?…


Which would do a better job of saving the world - Ninja? or Pirate?

“Ohhhh sweet child of miiiinnnee…”

It’s air guitar-baby…

Reuters: Air guitarists rock out for victory
Sep 23 - Competitors hope to shred the competition as Brighton hosts the 2008 UK Air Guitar Championship.

QUESTION: When was the last time you rocked out and did a little air guitar? To what song?


At the moment, I am sitting in front of two computer screens trying to upload pictures from our trip. Megan and I just got home a few minutes ago and are running on coffee and only five hours of sleep in the last 21 hours.

I apologize for the lack of pictures, but upon arriving in D.C. I made the discovery that I was missing a crucial cord to upload my digital camera’s pictures.

Without any further ado, here they are:

Megan and I on the plane from Utah and D.C.

The long awaited picture with Obama and Mccain

Our Hotel lobby

GPS Device Fails, Ducks Enlisted

NASA researchers have called in the reserves as part of an ongoing study of sea levels. The researchers originally dispatched a probe complete with a GPS sensor and a satellite telephone to track the flow of water through glaciers. They don’t know where it went. Plan B: release 90 rubber ducks, each carrying the researcher’s email address, and hope fishermen report finding them. Scientists hope the ducks will turn up sometime next summer.

Story from here.

Isn’t it refreshing when low-tech works better than high-tech?

McCain has Twice as Much as Obama

$200 million, $84.1 million, $76 million. What do these numbers mean? These are the amounts of money John McCain had for campaign funds at the close of the Republican National Convention. $84.1 million is in federal funds, $76 million in the Republican Party bank account, plus money left over from the primary campaign.

Obama had about $95 million, with $77 million his own campaign account and $17.5 million from the Democratic National Committee.

This means Republicans officially have close to twice as much cash as Obama.

Obama also took in at least $16 million more than McCain last month.

McCain is sure to have more than enough money to communicate his message to the Nation.

What do you think? A simple question of why do you think McCain has so much more money? Can you even wrap your mind around $400 million dollars?

More than a little disturbing

A Pennsylvania mother admitted to buying her 14-year-old son a rifle and gunpowder to add to the weapons cache he was building (complete with “knives, swords, BB guns, the rifle and partly assembled homemade grenades”). The boy had been teased horribly for his obesity and was pulled out of public school in seventh grade to be home schooled. Prosecutors say the son “came [to] idolize the Columbine High School shooters and was planning an attack last year on Plymouth Whitemarsh High School, which some former schoolmates attended.”

The defense attorney told reporters the mother’s actions were “an attempt to boost his self-esteem, and in some way help the child, as misplaced as those thoughts may have been.”


No real question going with this one, other than what the heck was this woman thinking? Any bizarre or disturbing false alarms up in Spokane? Hard to top the LC “pipe bomb” incident, but I’m sure someone will do it eventually.

Will your cell phone rot your brain out?

The controversy isn’t new: Can your cell phone give you brain cancer? But this week Congress is asking doctors around the nation to explain their findings.

Full story…

Dr. David Carpenter, the director of the Institute of Health and Environment at the University of Albany, says cell phones are more likely to cause brain cancer in those under the age of 20:

“Because the skull is so thin and the head is relatively small, the radiation penetrates almost through the head,” Carpenter said on Good Morning America.


Other scientists, however, are not so convinced. Most studies have found that there was no association between cell phones and cancer, a stance shared by the Food and Drug Administration and the American Cancer Society.

QUESTION: Do stories like these make you leary to use your cell phone?

America’s Alliance—We need your input!

The first morning of the conference started off with a grand welcoming from Marguerite Kondracke, President and CEO of America’s Promise Alliance.

First off, I just want to touch base with readers that don’t know what America’s Promise Alliance is. The Alliance is a set of 5 promises that were developed in 1997 by five former presidents. The five promises are developmental resources that young people need for success in life:

  • Caring Adults

  • Safe Places

  • A Healthy Start

  • An Effective Education

  • Opportunities to Serve

The Alliance is hard at work trying to give all youth these 5 promises. The game plan for this is to strengthen schools, teachers, and the curriculum. Click here for file

“There is no economic solution unless a diploma is in every high school students hand,” said Kondracke.

Kondracke believes that once we lower the number of students that dropout of high school, which is a high 30% of America’s public high school population, the overall lifestyle of young adults will improve. The action plan, that was launched last April, will be a Dropout Summit held in every state and most major cities across the U.S. It is estimated that the movement will affect more than 15 million.

Contribute to our research by answering these questions:

In what ways is the business community engaged in schools in your community?

What are 2-3 things that you can do to address the dropout issue in your own community?


I know you want to, but don’t… I’m watching you…

You pushed it didn’t you? Figures…

It’s Getting to That Point Again…

While America is at the point where the majority of the people are ready for it all to end, the candidates seem to just be getting started. Are you ready for November yet?

For more great political cartoons, click here

“Geurrilla marketing fun”…

Advirtising agency, Fletcher Martin, has found a completely new way to ensure some business for popular fast food retailer, Arby’s: it’s called ‘billboard hijacking’.

As reported on Fast Food News: “The concept is to float balloons with the Arby’s logo above the heads of people appearing on billboards (like local TV weather gals), in support of their “I’m thinkin’ Arby’s campaign.”

The campaign is a subtle, Atlanta-headquarters based scheme described by Food News as ‘a little guerrilla marketing fun for their creative department.”

What’s the craziest advirtising you’ve ever seen? Would a floating balloon make you want to ‘think more Arby’s’?

Were you born with your political leanings?

AP Photo of major party presidential nominees John McCain and Barack Obama

According to political science researchers at Rice University in Texas, you very well might have been. Or at least in part.

In a recent study, these researchers took 46 very politically opinionated adults and tested their physiological reactions to threatening and non-threatening images.

Those who had traditional conservative views reacted with strong physical reactions to the alarming images and very calmly to the nonthreatening images such as bunny rabbits and children.

However, those who had liberal views reacted with very little difference between the scary and peaceful images.

According to study author James Alford, a professor at Rice University, this study shows that there might be some connection between genetics and political views.

“We estimate your biological makeup has a 30 to 40 percent role in how you will vote,” Alfred said. “The other portion is how and where you were raised as well as environmental factors.”

Check out the full story at

  • Progressive Rock Icon Richard Wright Passes Away

    ex-Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker and celebrity DJ AM were critically injured in a Learjet crash occuring hours after their performance for South Carolina college students.

    Air traffic controllers reported seeing sparks after the plane took off, carrying six people including Barker and DJ AM (whose real name is Adam Goldstein).

    The flame-engulfed aircraft was found on an embankment a quarter-mile away, crumpled across the highway.

    Witness William Owens says he saw a ‘fireball’ blaze across the road about 600 feet in front of his vehicle. As he approached the scene Owns saw Goldstein and Barker’s attempts to remove their burning clothing while telling them of 4 other people still on board the flaming jet.

    “Oh my God’ was all they were saying,” Owens said of barker and Goldstein. “They stood there and it’s like - didn’t know what to do. None of us did.”

    As of Saturday afternoon, both Barker and DJ AM were in ‘critical but stable condition’, located at a burn center in Augusta, Georgia.

    Read more here.

    What would you do if you were witness William Owens - approaching a firey crash that proved to be life threatening?

    Obscure World News of the Week

    Fire guts Kibubura, Mariam High.

    Mariam High School and Kampala and Kibubura Secondary Girl School was scorched on Thursday night in Ibanda, Uganda in what is assumed to be a case of arson. The thirty-two year old suspect, Geoffrey Mutyaba (pictured above), has been taken into custody by local police after being found with matchboxes and paper shortly after the fire was set at around 9:00pm. Luckily, there were no casualties, though five students fell unconscious as another five suffered minor injuries while rescuing colleagues and salvaging school property. Still, considering the irreversible damage to the supplies of the children and the school itself, it will prove a difficult void to fill in a community which likely has scarce funds for education as it is.

    “I have lost everything,” sobbed 14-year-old Esther Naava an S2 student at the school.

    Odd News of the Week (How You Know When Things Have Gotten Really Desperate)

    Ryan Mueller, 31, was sentenced to 6 years in a Wisconsin jail and 5 years of probation after breaking into a home in August and stealing $20 from a two-year old girl’s piggy bank. The girl’s mother walked in and caught Mueller in the act.

    Find the story here.

    What was your most desperate act? Did you later regret it?

    Clubs and Sports

    Lakeland & Moscow Volleyball Match, KXLY Photo, Submitted by Tim of Moscow, Idaho
    In a break from the political and serious postings in the last few days, I felt we needed something light and easy to think about. Now that the school year has started, many clubs and sports are starting up their seasons, or at least meetings. The High School Sports blog lists 34 football games around the Spokane area tonight. The page is here.

    Are you, or have you been a member of your school’s sports team or a club in your school? If so, which one? Did you enjoy it? Were there any clubs or sports you didn’t enjoy?

    No meat for you!…or fish…or poultry…

    Fish sticks or carrot sticks? Chicken nuggets or soy-veggie bites? Steak or salad?

    Many teens are choosing ‘Option #2’, going vegetarian and saying good-bye to meat, poultry, and fish. In 2005, independent market research firm Harris Interactive polled teens ages 8 to 18, concluding that up to 3 percent are vegetarians, a number increasing every year.

    The Palo Alto Medical Foundation lists the benefits to be had from ditching meat from your diet. Eating responsibly will have “a decreased risk of heart disease as you grow older, lower blood pressure, decreased risk for some types of cancer, and lower chance of diabetes and obesity.”

    Many disagree - claiming that these restrictive diets will only end up damaging the teen’s growing body.

    “Vegan [and vegetarian] diets often lead to serious deficiencies of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids,” says Kaayla Daniel, clinical nutritionist.

    Humans’ jaws are created to handle an omnivore diet - yet the choice to eat meat is a personal one, with more and more teens taking taking their diets into consideration and heading into vegetarian-land.

    Are any of you guys vegetarians? Do you consider it a health improvement or hazard to take meat off the menu?

    (great cartoon found at Bob Thaves’ site)

    Boeing Workers Go on Strike

    Almost 2 weeks ago, 27,000 Boeing machinists walked off their jobs when Boeing refused to improve its employee contract offer.

    Tom Wroblewski, Boeing’s International union Seattle president, said in a letter in union members that “the strike is on.” And it officially started midnight September 7th, when the 3 year contract expired.

    This means no further production on Boeing 737’s, 747’s, 777 planes, and 787 Dreamliner some of us heard about last year will be even further delayed.

    Monday the 8th had a bigger showing on the picket lines in Everett, in front of the gates of the Boeing factory.

    No further talks between sides are scheduled.

    Boeing said its plants will stay open with workers in other unions or non-union employees at work. But the massive Everett and Renton facilities will have to stop production.

    Erin’s YouTube of the Week: Hockey moms against Sarah Palin

    Ok, I know I’m starting to pick on Palin here, but this is darned funny.

    QUESTION: Any bets on what the next best election parody will be?

    Miley’s At It Again

    Miley Cyrus is redefining the phrase “group date” one parent at a time.

    The fifteen-year-old went on a date with Justin Gaston, 20, for the third time today. This time, however, her mom, older sis Brandi, and Brandi’s current boyfriend tagged along. What a weird sight that must have been at the Universal CityWalk.

    “[He’s actually] my mom’s boyfriend. Hey dad, I really hate to break it to you…” Miley said.

    Perhaps next time Billy Ray Cyrus will join in the fun.

    Can you imagine taking your parents on a date with you? …Or “sharing” a boyfriend with Mommy? Has anything embarrassing like this happened to you on a date?

    Deceptively Adorable

    This is my eight month old kitten, Gracie. Isn’t she cute? The answer to that should be “no”.
    Gracie has to be locked in the laundry room on a nightly basis because she chews on toes and removes ear-plugs from ears at 2am.
    The other morning I went upstairs, where my mother informed me that during the night Gracie had become bored and pushed my (clean) clothing into her literbox, buried it, and peed.

    As we live in a society that covets their pets, I’m guessing that everyone has several funny/embarrassing pet stories that they would like to share. Share away!

    Vatican to discuss evolutionary theory

    On the 150th anniversary of Darwin’s infamous The Origin of Species, the Vatican will hold a conference to discuss the merits of evolutionary theory. To be held March 3-7, the conference will bring together scientists, philosophers, and theologians (both Catholic and Protestant). The announcement of this conference came only days after the Vatican apologized to Darwin…126 years after his death.

    “There is absolutely no incompatibility between evolutionary theory and the Bible’s message,” Gianfranco Ravasi, head of the Vatican’s cultural affairs, told the press.

    The meeting is being co-organized by the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome and our own University of Notre Dame.

    Pope Benedict claims that the theory of evolution cannot aptly explain the origin of life. The Pope has already discussed evolutionary theory twice in past private discussions.


    Is this meeting a step in the right direction, or as useless as the Church’s posthumous apology to Darwin? Do you think this will ease some of the tensions between creationists and evolutionists (though I hate that term)? And does anyone else think the Pope doesn’t quite understand the difference between abiogenesis and evolution?

    Note: Please don’t make this an evolution vs. ID debate. Stick to the article.

    Now You Can Grade Your Teachers

    Does Mrs. Smith give great lectures, but really hard tests? Is Mr. Doe as dull in class as he looks? At, students who have had this teacher will let you know who to skip and who you must have, or you can do the filling in by yourself. Click here for middle or high school teachers, here for college profs. (Note: comments are reviewed for vulgarity, etc.)

    Should students be able to grade their teachers? Should administrators be tipped off to who’s a bad teacher, and who’s a great one?

    Trick or Treat!

    A Halloween post over a month before Halloween. What is this blog coming to? However, after reading Paul Turner’s Slice column this morning, I see that really, it’s never to early for Halloween. Especially for the stores of the world. But that’s another topic, one that I will most certaintly discuss.

    However, the first item of business is candy. The Slice column, here, is the result of a survey for area kids, asking what kind of candy they prefer. Apparently a toothbrush doesn’t count, according to Zack Hval, who says “This has happened to [him]!” However, you may want to educate your parents on the fact that kids want chocolate, and nothing even remotely healthy. They also know the dangers of trick-or-treating. Did your parents check your candy before you ate it? For those who are a bit older, was that customary when you still trick-or-treated? If you could choose any candy to get, what would it be?

    I said I’d address stores, so here we go. Does anybody but me think it’s odd that Halloween stores are opening around Labor Day? That’s exactly 61 days from Halloween. Be Prepared, at it’s best. Did you ever shop insanely early for costumes if they weren’t sewed? Were your costumes hand-made, bought, or sewed by a mother (or father)? Who looked forward to coming up with insane costumes year after year?

    How much do you actually know about Halloween? Here’s a quiz to find out! I got 4/10… I guess I don’t know much!
    Any other thoughts on Halloween?

    Favorite color=Future career…

    Filling out standard job questionaires have now become a thing of the past - now just answer one simple question, “What’s your favorite color?”

    You can calculate a successful career path, investigate your best potential workplace, and see how you’ll handle work all based on which primary, secondary, and achromatic colors you like best.

    Dewey Sadka, creator of The Color Counselor, states that using colors is more accurate than standard questionaires because it better reveals your core motivations.

    “What if you misinterpret a [career assessment] question or the choices don’t reflect your personality?” Sadka questions. “Color preference indicates your personality’s best career fit.”

    If you prefer yellow, purple, and white: You’re the communicator.

    You’re known for creating ‘profitable perspectives.’ You benefit everyone around you by listening and weighing others’ points of view. Your communications skills are the bomb - look for careers in corporate communications, marketing, or the religious field.

    If you prefer red, green, and black: You’re the investor.

    You’re oriented around the value of money and resources, but you also see the value behind your co-worker’s contributions. You’re great at analyzing information - yet you’re supportive of others. You’d be great in finance, accounting, banking, money management, and teaching.

    If you prefer blue, orange, and brown: You’re the activist.

    You have super-strong community beliefs and strive to improve…well…to improve everything. You’d be great in any occupation that makes a social or economical impact. Consider engineering, law enforcement, firefighting, or social/government work.


    What do YOU think about basing your career on a color? How are YOUR results??

    This’ll drive you INSANE! He He He…

    Have Fun!!!

    What do you think? It really does bug the crap out of you doesn’t it? How many times were you able to change the color of the ball?

    (If you’re wondering, my record was 8 or 9 color changes.)

    the new big spenders…

    With all of the new shows out lately profiling rich high school students (Gossip Girl, 90210, The Hills), how are our normal high schoolers handling the pressure to live the way these stars do? Seeing girls on GG make couture shopping sprees look normal can be intimidating for a young girl.
    How are our teens handling the pressure to live like our new television characters? And really…what happened to Boy Meets World and Lizzie Mcguire?

    Hitting the club?…or crib?

    Infant fashion trends have arrived - now available in zebra, hot pink, and timeless black.

    These stilleto crib shoes (“for girls too young to walk”) created by Seattle moms, Britta Bacon and Hayden Porter, have stirred up quite a controversy. Will putting your toddler in soft, crib-friendly heels push them to the ‘Sex and the City’ lifestyle? Many are tickled pink with the thought of more ‘mommy and me’ fashion, while some are dismayed at the poor example being set for their children.

    “These baby high heels are ridiculous and take out all the fun in having a baby and toddler,” comments an appalled reader on “Doesn’t anyone want to keep the little ones a normal dressed baby?”

    Another analyst on was undecided upon the matter. “I find them funny from a fashion and shoe lover’s perspective but also a little disturbing that we are trying to create a mini Carrie Bradshaw just a little too early.”

    more ‘Heelarious’ details

    Will these infant’s “sexy slippers” have a negative effect? Is this pushing the envelope on kid’s fashion?

    Quotes of the Week

    Another weekly offering will now be a few quotes of the week with questions. Here’s week 1.

    Eric Draper, White House Photo
    Quote 1:
    It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.
    In light of the elecion, I thought this was appropriate. An American has the right to vote, and even if you don’t agree with their choices, they still have the right to choose them. Therefore, you must entertain them. Any thoughts?

    Quote 2:
    Good judgment comes from experience, and often experience comes from bad judgment.
    Rita Mae Brown

    As a world, we are human, we experience mistakes, but then, we should and usually do learn from them, and come out better. Any judgement calls or mistakes you’ve made that you have learned from and have come out the better?

    Quote 1 and 2 are from Brainy Quote.

    Quote 3:
    Thanks to the brave men and women, and all those who work to keep us safe, there has not been another attack on our soil in 2,557 days.
    President George Bush

    Thursday was the 7th anniversary of 9/11. Do you think the war on terror will be an issue after the elections? Did your school or workplace do anything to memorialize 9/11?

    Quote 3 found on

    Any thoughts or suggestions on the Quote of the Week feature?

    Breaking the Stereotype

    Male, African-American, elderly, religious, and middle-aged people all battle anorexia, too. In America today, there are ten million women and one million men battling anorexia and bulimia. Are these anorexics less likely to seek treatment?

    Newsweek’s online article on the subject said:

    …Experts say the “white girl” stereotype discourages men and minorities from coming forward. One study, by Wesleyan psychologist Ruth Striegel-Moore, found that black girls who do suffer from eating disorders are less likely to seek treatment. “I know stories of African-American women who’ve gone in to see a physician, with all the symptoms of an eating disorder, and the doctor says, ‘That’s a white girl’s disease’,” says Cynthia Bulik, an eating-disorder specialist at the University of North Carolina. “That persisting stigma can make people uncomfortable.”

    Even those who are not pressured into being thin by family, friends, and girl/boyfriends find themselves tricked by the media. Cultural upbringing, hiding a pregnancy, and suffering for God are rare yet very real reasons for abstaining from regular eating habits.

    Its sufferers describe anorexia as a religion; one anorexic called the disease “something to believe in.”

    How can this “white girl” stereotype be broken for those desperately needing help? Why is anorexia so popular as a political cause? How can America become an anorexia-free country?

    Latest and Greatest in High School Sports: Scores, Pictures, and More

    Here are the scores from all of the games (football, soccer, soft-pitch, volleyball, X-C) played last night.
    Click here for file

    Mead Vs. Mt. Spokane Game (KXLY Photo - Submitted by Brandon Hansen of Spokane)

    CV VS. G-Prep Volleyball Game (KXLY Photo - Submitted by Austin of Spokane)

    Got Game?

    In honor of all of the hundreds of embarrassing moments I’ve had this week, I’m posting a challenge: the search for the most embarrassing moment.

    Does your moment have what it takes? Let the games begin!

    Random Website of the Week

    As a fresh, interesting addition to our blog, we’re adding a random website of the week. Check out the very first one here at Just remember to be patient while it loads. Enjoy!

    9/11 - Seven years past…

    Today marks the day, seven years ago, that our country of America was changed.

    “Time is passing. Yet, for the United States of America, there will be no forgetting September the 11th. We will remember every rescuer who died in honor. We will remember every family that lives in grief. We will remember the fire and ash, the last phone calls, the funerals of the children.”

    —President George W. Bush, November 11 2001.


    What do you remember most about the September 11th attacks? Do you view this moment as pure destruction? - or as a time where America was forced to come together?

    Totally Random Game!

    Do you ever get mad at your computer for any problems it might have? Ever feel like you could just smash it to smithereens? Well now you can in this awesome, random, online game! My brothers and I came across it during a period of boredom and well, we haven’t been bored since! Enjoy!

    Beat Up Your PC - Great stress reliever for any computer user

    I know. It’s a little on the “violent” side. (NOT!) But hey, you have to admit, it’s a good stress reliever… sort of. What do you think?

    “Lipstick on a Pig”

    Republicans have been screaming foul since Obama’s ill-fated use of this analogy after McCain’s acceptance speech promised to bring about change.

    “‘We’re really gonna shake things up in Washington,’” Obama said, mocking McCain’s supposedly-empty promises of change. “That’s not change. That’s just calling something the same thing, something different. But you know you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig. You can wrap an old fish in a piece of paper called change. It’s still going to stink after eight years. We’ve had enough of the same old thing! It’s time to bring about real change to Washington. And that’s the choice you’ve got in this election.”

    Republicans have latched onto the “lipstick on a pig” statement, claiming it is a sexist jab at Palin, who earlier joked about her image, saying the only difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull is that the former wears lipstick.

    An interesting tidbit: last October, when asked his opinion on Hilary Clinton’s health care plan, McCain claimed it was extremely similar to her failed plan of 1993, adding that, “I think they put some lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.” Which leads one to wonder what right the GOP has to jump on Obama like this…

    Thoughts on Obama’s remark? On the GOP’s response? Was the comment sexist, or simply a normal jab at the Republican candidates?

    The power of chicken poop!

    Georgia will soon become known for more then it’s peaches.

    With construction taking place about 70 miles northeast of Atlanta, Georgia is gearing up for the arrival of the ‘first poultry litter-to-energy’ electricity plant.

    Ya…that’s right. Poop power.

    The state will buy 20 megawatts (MW) of power from the Franklin County plant, which will be able to generate enough energy supply 15,000 homes.

    See the REST!

    How far would you go to help the environment? Are poop products pushing the limits on ‘going green’?

    Large Hadron.. What?

    The Large Hadron Collider, hidden in underground Geneva, is the world’s official largest energy particle accelerator complex.

    And it’s been talked about much, as the day of it’s first monumental experiment grows closer.

    Tomorrow, September 10th, 2008, scientists will activate the machine and send one proton beam at the speed of light down the 17-mile tunnel to collide with the second particle.

    Why? To imitate what happened in the Big Bang itself. Except on a much smaller scale. And the scientists hope to eventually discover what the universe itself is made out of when the particles collide and produce… some result.

    Sify News is fuzzy about how the experiment may take up to 8 weeks to adjust the beams in the Hadron Collider perfectly to ensure particle collision on the other end of the tunnel. First collisions are expected between October 8th and November 5th.

    Click read the rest of this entry to read about the controversy surrounding it:

    Question: What do you think? Do you think the experiment will be successful? Do you think scientists will discover what the universe is made of? If they do, what will they do with the knowledge of it?

    The Armstrong’s a’keepin’ it strong…

    Reports stating that 7-time Tour de France champion, Lance Armstrong, would compete with Team Astana in 2009 were renounced after contact was made with the team director, Johan Bruyneel.

    “I don’t know where the rumors come from,” Bruyneel was quoted in, having no idea as to an Armstrong comeback.

    Simple comeback for Lance?, puh-lease.

    Armstrong is reported to be competing in the Amgen Tour of California, Paris-Nice, the Tour de Georgia, and the Dauphine-Libere: all after finishing second in the Leadville Trail 100 - (100 miles of trails in Rockies and pure adrenaline.)

    see LANCE go! (TO the ARTICLE that is)

    Lance Armstrong is a cancer survior and inspiration to many. Who are some of YOUR inspirations/heroes?

    Jewish and Looking for Cash?

    You might consider moving to Dothan, Alabama for a couple of years. An organization is offering $50,000 to any Jewish person who moves to the town and attends the chapel for 5 years. The organization is attemping to get higher Jewish populations into smaller Southern towns.

    Find the story here

    Would you move for $50K? Would you switch religions? What do you think about this offer?

    With a Slow Economy, Schools are Taking Quite a Hit

    With fuel prices (at least for Diesel) on the rise, soaring food expenses, and all of the other woes attached to our troubled economy, school districts are being forced to evaluate their budgets. Increased meal prices, 4-day school weeks, and complete cuts of district transportation (i.e. busses, vans, etc.) are only a few of the major adjustments that schools across the country are making to adapt to the problems within the economy. Read the original article from the NY Times here. School officials are seeing a large number of homeless students or students from extremely low-income families in the districts nowadays. More and more students are in need of free or reduced-priced meals. Attendance has decreased in many schools nationwide, meaning less state funding for those schools. Hundreds of Teachers and other school staff are being laid off all over the country. All in all, things aren’t looking very bright around schools right now. Charity organizations made efforts before the start of school to give away backpacks and supplies, but even then, they only have a limited number of items.

    So how about you’re school/school district? Have any major changes been made to things like extra-curricular activities, meals, transportation, etc? Has the economy made any significant impact on the way your school operates?

    Acai to the rescue!…watch out Snapple

    Pronounced “ah-sigh-ee”, (surprisingly similar to a sneeze) the acai berry has been portrayed as the perfect new superfood. Being blended into juices and drinks, the berry has gained much popularity and quite a following among consumers.

    “The acai converts claim that the purple elixer can perform all manner of health miracles - improve stamina; make skin look younger; lower blood pressure; alleviate joint pain; eradicate hot flashes, migranes and gout; improve sleep; and help autistic children function better.”

  • Liberal bias.

    In the spirit of the Republican National Convention, here’s an incredibly accurate portrayal of the general atmosphere of conservative gatherings.

    I think my biggest issue with journalism is the inability to speak as freely as this.

    j/k is an acronym for “just kidding” quite popular in the context of the internet. It would be appropriately placed right about here.

    Smokey the Bear returns?

    Danny Perkins, a Sheriff in Panguitch, Utah, will no longer consider black bears a nuisance. Anyone who has been camping knows that leaving open containers of food in bear country is a big no-no; everyone except some Panguitch pot growers, that is. According to Perkins, a black bear raided the dopers property so often that it caused them to flee the area, leaving behind 4,000 “starter packs” of pot and and almost 900 plants.

    Read the story here

    No surprise here

    Only four in every ten Americans believe Palin has enough experience to be vice president, according to an ABC poll taken Friday. Two-thirds say the same about Biden.

    Some other interesting tidbits the survey showed:
    -8 in 10 Repulbicans and 4 in 10 independents say their confidence in McCain’s decision-making abilities has increased because of his choosing Palin. 6/10 Democrats say their confidence has decreased.
    -50% have a favorable view of Palin. 54% look favorably on Biden.
    -Conservatives, Republicans, and white evangelicals are 32% more likely to vote for McCain because of Palin.

    How has Palin’s VP nomination affected your view of McCain? Was his choice a good one?

    Celebrate Salami!

    Amidst all the homework going on comes…well…comes some really funky holidays.

    So coming up on September 7 we’ll honor some highly seasoned sausages, celebrating the official (and national) Salami Day!

    By visiting you’ll be able to research the history of salami, find ways to celebrate, and even take a clever quiz to find which processed meat suits your personality.

    I was ‘Hot Dogs’.

    What’s your favorite holiday? Got any crazy-good holidays/family traditions??

    Yep, it’s September

    I’ve been back to school for two days now and I’ve already had two quizzes, with another one on the way. Don’t you love AP classes?

    Are you taking AP classes this year? Have you had any tests or quizzes yet? How about homework?

    My dad’s tree house can beat up your dad’s tree house

    Here is a fun story about a Wisconsin dad who built a killer tree house for his kids. Check it out:

    QUESTION: What was your favorite toy as a child?

    Back to School, Again…

    …so, how was your first day?

    Did your schoolyear start before today, or has it not begun yet?

    Without dissing any teachers by name, how do you like your schedule this year?

    What changes would you make to your school, if you could? More dances? Longer hours?

    Palin’s Pregnant Daughter

    “I think people’s families are off-limits, and people’s children are especially off-limits. This shouldn’t be part of our politics.”

    That was Barack Obama’s take on the most recent development in Election 2008, that Sarah Palin, McCain’s running mate, has a pregnant, teenage daughter. While this may be off limits to Obama, it’s not off limits to the press, who are having a field day with it.

    Bristol is in the brown dress to the right of Sarah Palin.State of Alaska Photo
    The daughter, Bristol, is 5 months along, and is 17. This was released to disprove internet rumors that Sarah Palin’s 4-month old baby was actually Bristol’s child.

    CNN’s story is here, which points out that Palin has supported abstinence-only education in schools. The Palin family is going to keep the baby, and the elder Palin parents are looking forward to being grandparents.

    Do you think this was released at too convenient a time, with Hurricane Gustav taking all the attention? Does this affect the McCain campaign? Was Obama’s declaration of family being off-limits a good move on his part? Do you think McCain made the correct decision in letting the fact go public?

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