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Motorized barstool belonging to Kile Wygle of Newark, Ohio. (The Spokesman-Review)

Oh, sweet irony 

A 28-year-old Ohio man was charged with drunken driving after crashing his motorized bar stool earlier this month. After responding to reports of the crash, police said "they found a man who had wrecked a bar stool powered by a deconstructed lawn mower." The driver,...

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SUNDAY, MARCH 29, 2009

The 101 on Regional Art... (Chloe Rambo)

The Glow: Spokane (high)Lights 

Here's Episode 3 of The Glow! So we know that Spokane's youth is pretty dang talented...(we ARE Spokane's youth, after all...:D) Here we'll check out the best of the best of teen art coming straight out of Spokane.My school took an "art-exploration" field trip to...

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FRIDAY, MARCH 27, 2009

The Best Dam Letter Ever!

In the spirit of spring break, I'm going to leave you with two dam letters that have gained a sort of celebrity at Mead High School. Every senior taking AP Government has read the dam letters, and enjoyed them to boot. I managed to find...

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Oh Deer, Matt Lauer! 

On Monday, Matt Lauer was absent from the Today Show for the first time in... well... very, very long. And why? Well... he hit a deer. On his bike. Wear your helmets, kids! Like Matt Lauer! Sources say he "Was cycling on Long Island and...

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SOM: Save Our Malls 10 

It's an oddity if you haven't 'cut back' in the last few months. You can't open a newspaper without another analysis of how something is affected by the economy. Zoos. Camps. And, today's article on MSN, malls. It's an absolute disaster," said Howard Davidowitz, the...

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 (The Spokesman-Review)

Telling the truth at gunpoint... 

"I never thought I'd tell my Muslim parents that I'm gay. Then a terrifying encounter gave me no choice."First published in Newsweek, this is the story of Shariq Mahbub and his upbringing in Karachi, Pakistan. Mahbub felt forced to take every oppotunity to hide his...

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Please no more cupcakes... 34 

With prom season rolling around in Spokane, prom dress shopping is limited as I found out the hard way. I went to all the big prom stores, and I felt like I was shoved into giant cupcake dresses that didn't fit me and given not...

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Video of the Week"Twouble with Twitters"- a young man takes on the mass epidemic that is Twitter.Question: Has Twitter, Facebook, or any other such technological innovation taken over to this extent?*Disclaimer: one not-so-nice word towards the end

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 (The Spokesman-Review)

Week 2: Ushuaia, Argentina 

It's not Antarctica, but it's darn close. We are heading to the southernmost city in the world, Ushuaia, Argentina. It is 745 miles from Antarctica. Ushuaia is a popular tourist attraction, especially for cruisers to Antarctica. It used to be the site of a prison,...

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NTS: Not a Good Way to Reconcile  

All she wanted to do was have an uninterrupted conversation with her estranged husband. At least that’s what Helen Sun told police Monday night when they asked her why she had handcuffed herself to her sleeping almost-ex and began biting him. The previous day, Sun...

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Are we a lost generation? 15 

Alright. This one is 100% for us Teenagers. Please watch this, and then post your thoughts. Its short, but its clever and has a strong message. This video really got me thinking. We as teens have become lazy and complacent. We take things for granted....

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The Slam does concerts right. (Chloe Rambo)

Slam Special: Concerts 13 

We've got live music up the wa-zoo here in Spokane, (gotta take advantage of the great venues, right?!) So here's an update on the shows hitting our area as (photo taken outside Brused Books...)Carnifex - Tues. March 24Performing with The Skies Burn Black, We...

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MONDAY, MARCH 23, 2009

Best of the Inland Northwest - 2009 16 

(Only pitted against the Indie Music Edition), "The Best of the Inland Northwest" marks my favorite edition of that free paper found on every corner in Spokane: The Pacific Northwest Inlander. This copy gives credit to 'the best everything' Spokane has to offer - burgers,...

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SUNDAY, MARCH 22, 2009

Icon War!

Ha ha ha. :D My piano teacher sent me this link. Its hilarious! Most of us forget to shut off our computers at night, right? (I do.) Well... ...while we are away, the icons will play...

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Is the U.S. Supporting Foreign Dictators? 

Today’s PARADE magazine released their annual article, “The World’s 10 Worst Dictators” (click on dictator to learn more). The descriptions of suffering and oppression were disgusting, but that isn’t what truly enraged me about the article. Below the dictator’s name and description of their rule...

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Coming Up... 13 

No, not a cool art exhibit or awesome concert. Coming up are... the AP exams. I have heard May referred to as the "hell month" and "month of horror." I have also heard my AP US History teacher grumble since January about the snow days....

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The view of a great shop...well...any book shop is great, in all actuality.... (Chloe Rambo)

The Glow: Pullman (high)Lights 24 

I got the name! The Glow: -insert selected city here- (high)Lights....what do you think? Finally - a phrase that describes what I do, (check out the city's highlights!) and something catchy, (glowing city lights!). Whew! So here's the third weekly installment of my adventures...There's usually...

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FRIDAY, MARCH 20, 2009

 (The Spokesman-Review)

AIG Scandal!!! 37 

Americans outraged over the American International Group (AIG) bonus scandal thats sweeping the country in a fog of anger. March 10 was the offical date that the whole country found out that AIG excutives are getting $165 million dollars of taxpayer money as bonuses. Right...

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It's definately a frenzy....

Calling the Crazies... 10 

Chris Baty and the Office of Letters and Light is at it again! Did you like the insanity, (but greatness), of NANOWRIMO? Then here comes the next best thing, (even though this pic is from June....) : IT'S Script-Frenzy.National Novel Writing Month, known as NANOWRIMO,...

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Video of the Week"Your Mother" by CollegeHumorQuestion: Come on, confess. How many of you still make "your mom" jokes?

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OMG! This one's a must watch... 

I would embed it, but it seems that the videos embed code feature has been disabled. This video is of IL Divo performing Amazing Grace at the Colosseum in Rome. This is a powerful and awesome rendition of the song. Enjoy. :) Il Divo Singing...

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It's the second coming! - Of the SLAM, that is... (Chloe Rambo)

Double the Slam... 21 

Well - it looks like our homeland of Spokane has just got too much entertainment for a single weekly blogpost....say hello to: (drumroll please...) Double the Slam. I'll post up some interesting shows/concerts/events/whatever looks pleasing to our advanced generation. Ha - enjoy!Ain't Misbehavin': Thu -...

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