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No Car? No Problem!

I was looking on the Year of Plenty blog, here, and it had a post about a town in Germany that is car free. Not bicycle friendly or walking friendly, but bicycle and walking only. The town, Vauban, Germany, exists without cars. The New York Times story is here.

Would you live in a community like this? Do you think that it is viable? Do you like living in urban environments?

Another school shooting?

Yes. Another school shooting… Only this time, it took place in Germany. A 17-year old, identified as Tim Kretschmer, entered his high school in Winnenden, Germany, and open fired on his peers and teachers. It seems like it all happened rather quickly.
Entering the high school where he graduated last year, he burst into morning classes and opened fire, taking students and teachers by complete surprise.

“Children were sitting at their tables, with pencils still in their hands, their heads fallen over on the table,” said regional police director Ralf Michelfelder, describing the grisly scene that his officers found. “Most of them had shots in their head — it must have all happened in seconds.”

Kretschmer left the school hurriedly after shooting 9 kids, and 3 teachers. A police chase ensued, and ended at a dead end street where police found Kretschmer dead. He had shot himself in the head. This AP Article from MSNBC included a section where classmates shared with reporters their relationship to Kretschmer and how none of them had ever known him to be a “bad kid.” However one girl had met Kretschmer only a short bit ago and said he had shown her a note that he had written to his parents.
Sabienne Boehm, 12, said she recently had met the shooter and that he had claimed fellow students at the high school had mocked him and teachers there ignored him.

Three weeks ago, she said, he showed her a note. “He wrote to his parents that he’s suffering and he can’t go on,” she told the AP outside a memorial service at a town church late Wednesday.

School shootings such as this one are tragic. This particular one actually wasn’t Germany’s worst school shooting, but it was devastating to say the least. From 1996 up to know there have been at least a dozen major school shootings in the US and other countries. (Mainly Germany, Finland, DeKalb, and Scotland.) This wasn’t the first, and unfortunately, it probably won’t be the last.

Read more here. Also, here’s a video depicting the event a little more:

I don’t know that I have a question for this one, but feel free to discuss this and other school shootings/incidents, or anything relating to this.

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