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I’m Going to Exercise on the COLBERT!

My friend was browsing Yahoo the other day, when she found a story about how Stephen Colbert, of Comedy Central fame, pretty much rigged the vote for the name of the new space module. NASA held a vote for what the name of the module should be, with a space for write-in votes. Colbert, on his show, asked his viewers to vote for ‘The Colbert.’ Overwhelmingly, they did, and it won the vote, with 230,000 votes. NASA decided to name the module the Tranquility instead.

However, they will be calling the treadmill that astronauts exercise on the “‘Combined Operational Load Bearing External Resistance Treadmill.” The COLBERT. Yeah. Stephen Colbert has a treadmill named after him. You can find more about this here.

Do you think that the majority vote should have won?

What are the Odds?

A defunctional Russian nuclear satellite and a still-active U.S. Iridium satellite smashed into each other 500 miles over Siberia on Tuesday, and some scientists call the accident “catastrophic.”

Simulations by software company AGI explain why— together, the satellites weighed over 3,000 pounds, have created hundreds of pieces of debris, and the multitude of space junk orbiting earth prior to the collision is estimated at 17,000 pieces.

The collision occured about 500 miles from earth-a popular orbit space for satellites. And there’s no global air traffic control system that tracks the position of all satellites. (AP)

An artist’s impression of the cloud of debris over earth shows Russia’s hopes that the collision would force the new U.S. administration to address the issue of debris in space.

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