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Culminating Projects

For this year’s and last year’s graduating senior classes, a new graduation requirement has been added among the class and credit prerequisites: the culminating project. In this assignment, senior students are supposed to spend at least 20 hours in creating this project as well as writing a proposal letter and researched paper on the topic they chose. The project is very open to whatever students may choose to present on, but the main goal of the task is to make students experience “a learning stretch,”  which essentially means that they should be able to take away something from the work.

As a senior in the graduating class of 2009, I, myself, had to undertake the culminating project. In all honesty, it was burdensome and added already to the large amount of work I already had. For my project I had created a music video to a song my friend, Casey Ager, had written himself. The song he wrote happened to be his finalized culminating project. Here is the finished product.

But what I am really trying to get at is this: how do you feel about the requirement of the culminating project? Is it a good thing for students or another pointless graduation assignment? If you did a culminating project, what did you do it on? (Just out of curiousity)

The Glow: Spokane (high)Lights

Here’s Episode 3 of The Glow! So we know that Spokane’s youth is pretty dang talented…(we ARE Spokane’s youth, after all…:D) Here we’ll check out the best of the best of teen art coming straight out of Spokane.

My school took an “art-exploration” field trip to check out the 36th Annual Educational Service Regional High School Art Show based at the Spokane Public Library. (Displayed until April 8)The show displayed the best 192 entries that District 101 teens had to offer.

The walls of the Library were completely covered with the talent of Spokane’s high school students. Contributors included teens from 11 local schools including Shadle Park, East Valley, and Pullman School. The works included pastel, charcoal, acrylic paint, clay, graphite - even photography. 

I was blown away by the quality of this art. The dedication, passion, and inspiration were all evident throughout every piece: Definite evidence of an ‘art-revival’ occuring within our current generation. Notable artists included Lindsay Wells from  East Valley High School with her first place and double Judge’s-Choice award-winning work, “Don’t Just Exist, Live.” Also from East Valley, Destiny Jaeger recieved a Judge’s-Choice, the Avista-Choice, and a second-place award for pastel “Through the Eyes of the Homeless.”

The FAVORites! - Beautiful? Yes. Remarkable? Of course. Inspiring? Definitely. Each of these 192 total pieces expressed the artist’s point of view with amazing clarity. I can’t possibly pick a favorite, (aside from the really-really good S’mores hot chocolate I picked up from the Zip-Trip heading out of town…yummm) Fantastic art and fantastic hot cocoa: just a couple more reasons of why I’m proud to be part of Spokane’s teen generation. :D.

(Sketch featured in picture: Amanda Overbust, Shadle Park. ”I Have A Secret.” Made with conte, charcoal, and pencil.)

Art programs seem to be taking the heat in today’s economy: Is this just? How could we save them? Have you seen this happening in your school?

Double the Slam…

Well - it looks like our homeland of Spokane has just got too much entertainment for a single weekly blogpost….say hello to: (drumroll please…) Double the Slam. I’ll post up some interesting shows/concerts/events/whatever looks pleasing to our advanced generation. Ha - enjoy!

Ain’t Misbehavin’: Thu - Sun. March 19-22
Sure to be the “electrifying” show of the month, Ain’t Misbehavin’ features 2003 Idol Winner Ruben Studdard and Frenchie Davis in this presentation of the Fats Waller Broadway Musical. Startin’ up at the INB Performing Arts Center. (Tickets on sale now)

Candlebox, Jet Black Stare, and Royal Bliss: Sat. March 21
Candlebox, this Seattle-based headliner is taking over the Knitting Factory with side-kick shows Jet Black Stare and Royal Bliss at 7 pm. (check out their tunes on MySpace…)

Ok…to mix it up a little bit, here’s two local art displays that sound pretty cool.

The Empyrean Coffeehouse features Josh Jalcoich and CJ Bruininks: Through Tue. March 31
Like Katie said in the previous ‘Slam’, the Empyrean is a great way to enjoy some good coffee, enjoy some good music, support the locals, and….wait…did I mention the coffee? - Cause that’s really a great selling point.  The Empyrean is now featuring artist Josh Jalcoich and CJ Bruininks. (this place has a super-cool website, check it out at

The Bank Left Gallery features The Youth of Palouse: Through Tue. March 31
This is basically my area of the state’s version of the Empyrean, except with a more ‘tea-room and bistro’ feel.  In addition to featuring the ‘Regular Artists’, the Gallery now is now showing off the work of the young artists, grades 3rd through 12th, of the area with it’s first-ever kid’s show. (Their website can be found at


BRAND SPANKIN’-NEW! - …something!

Alllrighty - so here’s a…(like I previously exclaimed..) BRAND SPANKIN’-NEW section that’s going to be hitting the blog weekly. I’d like to call it the ‘Venue of the Week’, or ‘The Hot Spot’…or ‘Cool Places for Cool People Like Us’…(hmmm. Perhaps shorten that to ‘CPFCPLU’??)  Anyways - I’m looking for a good title and want all of YOU to help me out.

Here’s the lowdown: Every week I’m gonna check out a new place in the Spokane-area.  It could be a coffee shop, resturant, neat-o grocery store, boutique, - maybe even some little kid’s lemonade stand.  But here at the Vox Box, you’re going to get all of the details and insight.

Any concerts coming to town?  Cool festivals? Slammin’ shows? New businesses? You’ll hear about it. Feel free to comment up and give me some ideas. Tell me where to go next! (I’m allllways up for a new coffee house - anywhere, anytime…:)…) Love it.

Over and out!

What should the name be? That’s my main question; every good adventure had a name….

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