Regional RV owners forge clubs, friendships, snowbird mini-communities

Thousands of RV owners routinely traveling south for winters, forming mini RV communities in warmer-climate states to soak in the sun and outdoor recreation. Read more

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54-year-old medical student living her dream

Suzanne Watson couldn’t help but laugh when she received her AARP card and her acceptance letter from Wake Forest School of Medicine in the same week at the age of 50. Now, at 54, she is a fourth-year medical student, pursuing a second career that in many ways takes her full circle to her early life. Read more

Growing number of Americans are retiring outside the US

Newly widowed, Kay McCowen quit her job, sold her house, applied for Social Security and retired to Mexico. It was a move she and her husband, Mel, had discussed before he passed away in 2012. Read more

Couple celebrates 35th anniversary with unusual gift: His-and-hers hearing aids

Couple gets His and Hers hearing aids for 35th anniversary. Read more

Now an active retiree, man’s heart diagnosis ultimately saves his live

Fit and trim, 69-year-old Ned McNamara is the epitome of active retiree — teaching yoga and fitness at the Spokane Valley YMCA and for ACT 2 classes. McNamara also stays busy as a Spokane County Search and Rescue volunteer, teaches rescue skills, and operates a home-based fitness business. Read more

Saturday matinees inspired Sam Elliott to become an actor

Sam Elliott is instantly recognizable – it’s part of the reason he’s been working in Hollywood for nearly five decades with almost 100 roles. He’s been on countless TV series, including the original “Mission: Impossible,” “Justified” and his current part as Beau in the Netflix series “The Ranch,” which has been renewed for a second season (the second part of Season 1 is streaming). Read more

Take advantage of holiday visits to record family history

Spend some holiday time recording family stories, as festivities bring far-flung generations together. That’s the advice of Beryl Pielli, of Newport, who years ago taped interviews with her mother, Alice Pruett Bell, about life in the farming town of Wilbur, Washington. Read more

Older Americans are happiest in Hawaii, least happy in West Virginia, new analysis finds

Despite the creaky knees and reading glasses that come with old age, Americans tend to get happier as they grow older, a new analysis finds. Read more

Spokane’s senior housing market remains tight

Spokane has a high occupancy rate for senior housing units, close to 96 percent based on recent data, compared with a national average of about 90 percent. Read more

New director brings youthful energy to Corbin Senior Activity Center

Jeff Edwards, 37, started as new director at Corbin Senior Activity Center on Oct. 1. He joined Corbin after previous youth nonprofit work and a stint doing marketing and ad copy writing. He believes his first job is to introduce the center’s programs and social offerings to more people in the community. Read more

Volunteer training available in fall prevention program

Aging & Long Term Care of Eastern Washington offers “A Matter of Balance,” a nationally recognized, evidence-based program to reduce the fear of falling and increase the activity levels of older adults. Read more

Hearing loss: Listening to the signs

About 37.5 million Americans have hearing loss, and baby boomers include about 20 to 25 percent of that population. Read more

Seeking ‘to be visible,’ more Americans 65 and older are getting plastic surgery

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the number of people 65 and older getting facelifts and cosmetic eyelid surgeries has more than doubled over the last two decades. Read more

For retirees, Red Cross offers chance to help out and stay active

Chuck and Janet Boehme are regular American Red Cross volunteers, so on Oct. 9 the active retirees agreed to drive one of its specially-equipped feeding vehicles from Kennewick to a flooded region of the East Coast after Hurricane Matthew. Read more

Retirement planning: ‘We’re woefully unprepared’

While recent studies nationwide show many Americans aren’t saving enough for retirement, a newly released AARP survey for Washington found nearly half of statewide respondents had less than $25,000 saved for retirement. More than a quarter had less stocked away. Read more

Grand connection: Video chatting grandparents stay in touch with far-flung family

Video chats are becoming part of everyday life, also providing a way for grandparents to visit regularly with grandchildren who live remotely. They read bedtime stories or watch baby’s first steps. Read more