Life expectancy on the rise among senior men

Forget the baby boom. A man boom is coming, and it will make the senior scene of tomorrow vastly different from the one today. Instead of a sea of women in senior communities, nursing homes and adult day care centers, U.S. Census projections predict the population will even out as life expectancy spikes for males and flattens out for females. The result: a more equal ratio of guys to gals age 75-plus by the year 2040. Read more

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At 66, Rodin remains a style icon

The go-go boots were long gone when Linda Rodin peaked as a model. Last winter, at age 65 – decades after being scouted by photographers in Italy – she was cast in the pre-fall ad campaign for The Row, the high-end fashion house of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Two years earlier, J.Crew booked Rodin for its fall catalog. She posed for Vogue in August 2011 and more recently for the Dutch magazine Rika. Read more

These seniors are young on their feet

When Mary Ann Tripp hears the music, the pain of her bum knee floats away and magic happens on the dance floor. The rhythm transports Tripp and her students to younger years when the joints were freer and the posture straighter, allowing feet to fly through rousing clogging of “Louisiana Saturday Night.” Read more

Prevent slips, trips and falls for seniors

Some of the more serious injuries among older adults are caused by falling. More than 1.6 million older Americans end up in the emergency room or hospital because of a fall, according to the National Institutes of Health. Read more

Not everyone passes funeral etiquette test

When it comes to facing the death, and subsequent funeral, of someone in their lives, people cope in different ways. Some stay strong in the midst of chaos. Others shut down and go within. Then there’s my mother, who said, upon learning her aunt died: “I don’t do funerals.” Read more

On Your Health’s Paster comes to Spokane

Public radio’s renowned family doctor, Zorba Paster, visits Spokane on Thursday to talk about living a longer, sweeter life while answering audience questions about their personal health conundrums. But the truth is, the good doc and host of the popular national call-in show “Zorba Paster On Your Health” is eager for a burger and malt from Dick’s Hamburgers – Spokane’s iconic burger joint on Third Avenue. He remembers it from his past visit to Spokane and a visit to Seattle. He thinks he even owns an old blue work shirt from Dick’s Hamburgers. Read more

In brief: Craft fair comes to CenterPlace

The Spokane Valley Senior Center is having a craft fair Oct. 16 at CenterPlace Regional Event Center. Admission is free and the public is invited to shop the 20 tables of crafts and goodies. The fair is in the center’s Fireside Lounge, 2426 Discovery Place in Spokane Valley, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. For more information, call (509) 926-1937. Big Band Dance trip planned Read more

A demographics anomaly in the works

Right now in the United States, there are more 23-year-olds than people of any other age. This seemingly trivial fact of demographics is an anomaly more than 50 years in the making. According to U.S. Census data, since 1947, the most represented age in the United States has always been a member of the group born in the 20 years after World War II, the baby boomers. In 1950, it was age 3. In 1990, it was 29. In 2010, it was 50. The rise of the boomers, a group forged into adulthood during the social and political upheaval of the 1960s and ’70s, has been chronicled and teased apart since their conceptions. Boomers collectively were named Time’s Man of the Year in 1966. They were the first generation to have television, and, in many ways, the first to be marketed to as a distinct cohort, a collection of citizens with a cultural identity notably different from their parents. They have the highest voter participation rate of any group of Americans and currently hold the most powerful positions in both the Democratic and Republican parties. Read more

AARP program aims to protect older Americans from scams

Con artists aren’t just targeting the stereotypical old lady at home. It happened just last week to the wife of one of the nation’s experts on online safety – a man who literally locks his laptop to the hotel toilet when he travels so it and his information isn’t stolen and sold. “My laptop is chained in my (car) trunk right now,” Christopher Burgess said Tuesday after speaking at the AARP and Washington Attorney General’s “scam jam” conference in the Spokane Valley. Read more

Avista cautions customers about scams

Avista wants customers to know it never makes high-pressure calls threatening to turn off electricity if they don’t pay instantly over the phone. Utility scams are increasing across the country and often hit local providers such as Avista. Read more

In brief: Nostalgia Radio visits Glover Mansion

The Nostalgia Radio Hour, which is heard monthly on KJRB-AM790, is recording a live show Tuesday at historic Glover Mansion, 321 W. Eighth Ave., in Spokane. The public is invited to the free show. Guests include “Sunshine Shelly” Monahan, Jayne Singleton and musician Paul Grove. Read more

‘Sit and Be Fit’ star continues to inspire nationwide audience

When you meet Mary Ann Wilson, it’s hard to believe this shy woman has for nearly 30 years led a fitness revolution from a chair in the KSPS public television studio on the South Hill. Wilson, a registered nurse, is the creator of “Sit and Be Fit” – a half-hour medically based exercise program focusing on slow, gentle movement for older adults. All the exercises can be done from a chair. Read more

Conference gives boomers primer on retirement

Sorry baby boomers. Getting old will happen even to you. That’s why a local nonprofit is having a one-day conference Saturday in Spokane to help navigate the descent into old age and make it as easy and enjoyable as possible. The Senior Assistance Fund of Eastern Washington puts on the annual conference “Planning for Retirement and Successful Aging: Boomers and Beyond” to raise money to support local senior services that are struggling to meet needs with the influx of baby boomers. It also wants people in the region to know about resources and options before a sudden accident or medical emergency. Read more

Status of your ailing body best kept to yourself

  What, exactly, is the dreaded Organ Recital? It’s a monologue prompted by a seemingly innocent question – “So, what have you been up to lately?” – and it goes something like this: Read more

One of the last typewriter repairmen

BREMERTON – The area’s last typewriter repairman is 92 and he’ll tell you all kinds of stories. Bob Montgomery has the time for stories because he’s not that busy these days. Time passes slowly in his fifth-floor space at a downtown Bremerton office building. Read more

In brief: Event to focus on exposing scams

The Washington state Attorney General’s Office and AARP are having a free “Scam Jam” Sept. 9 in Spokane to help people avoid today’s leading scams designed to steal your identity and your savings, especially those that prey on seniors. The event will focus on scams that are tearing through the nation. Participants also will hear tips learned straight from the con-artists about who they target and why, according to an AARP press release. Read more

Boomers led the way in silver divorces

MIAMI – After 33 years of marriage, Gary Word found himself in an unexpected situation: suddenly single. He was 60 years old. Diane Bing was 54 when her 25-year marriage ended two years ago. She had stayed at home to help raise her two stepsons and was “totally unprepared” for post-divorce life. Read more

Gonzaga’s Elder Law Clinic sees spike in divorce requests

Requests for divorce by older Spokanites have nearly tripled at Gonzaga Law School’s Elder Law Clinic during the first seven months of this year. Don’t blame it on the trifecta of supermoons or our recent whacky weather. It’s a trend throughout the country where divorce among baby boomers and older generations is soaring, nearly doubling in recent years. The trend has garnered its own nicknames: gray divorce or silver divorce. Read more

Overcome relationship breakdowns

Relationship breakdowns happen for a multitude of reasons, and all of them are preventable. Here are some ways you can keep your love life on a positive track. • Let go of grudges. When you feel resentments starting to build, talk to your partner, so you can resolve the issue. Read more

Woman’s road to health inspires others

Irene Gonzales did her milestone 50th birthday so big she landed on NBC’s “Today” show Aug. 8 to share her infectious enthusiasm with the entire country. Like many baby boomers looking to do something extraordinary to mark the big 5-0, Gonzales, the principal at Spokane’s Franklin Elementary, decided to run a marathon on her actual birthday. But unlike most, she was joined by 50 friends she rounded up by starting a fitness Facebook page called Fit Fifty. Read more