Former Army buddies discover they’ve been neighbors for 18 years

DETROIT – Dave Brown had scoured the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington looking for his Army basic training buddy Roger Watson’s name. While in Vietnam in 1968, Brown ran into someone from Watson’s company and heard that his friend had been injured. Read more

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Roundtable eases life challenges for seven grandkids

MINNEAPOLIS – She’s a therapist and career coach, cheerleader and wise woman, secret keeper and borscht pusher. Mostly, 85-year-old Gretta Freeman of Golden Valley, Minnesota, is chief executive officer of perhaps the most endearingly run support group in the Midwest, and likely beyond. Unfortunately for us, membership is closed. Read more

Report details boomers’ disabilities

Nearly 40 percent of people age 65 and older had at least one disability, according to a U.S. Census Bureau report that covered 2008 to 2012. Of those 15.7 million people, two-thirds of them say they had difficulty walking or climbing. Difficulty with independent living, such as visiting a doctor’s office or shopping, was the second-most cited disability, followed by serious difficulties in hearing, cognitive functions, bathing or dressing and serious difficulty seeing. Read more

Roleo queens: New documentary captures log-rolling glory days

Barbara Peterka Newbry’s past is no longer hidden away in boxes, a faded memory worth only a passing mention to grandkids who couldn’t comprehend that their grandmother was a world-class athlete in a sport representing the heritage of the entire region. After 50 years, it took just one phone call to transport Newbry back to 1962, when she was a scrappy 17-year-old girl from the woods of North Idaho who could roll a log faster than any other woman in the country – earning her a world log rolling, or roleo, championship. Read more

Fashion forward: Senior center stages benefit show

No mom jeans are in this fashion show – even though many of the models are not only moms and dads, but grandparents. The clothes might come straight off the racks at The Thrift Store run by the Post Falls Senior Center, yet they are anything but dull, frumpy and threadbare. Read more

Workshops help seniors navigate life, end-of-life planning

Stephanie Ekloff is excited to share her new knowledge about death with everyone she knows: her 92-year-old grandmother, her aging parents, her children and those seven – almost eight – grandbabies, her husband and the clients she cares for in the Snohomish area. Ekloff is bursting to recommend the “Handbook for Washington Seniors: Legal Rights and Resources” to anyone who may benefit, especially its sections for how to prepare legally for death and ensuring your wishes are known and understood. Read more