Family caregivers, aging receive help from Washington lawmakers

When Leslie Woodfill’s mom started showing signs of dementia, the family felt confused and lost. They couldn’t get a solid diagnosis, and her father had to sell his business to become a full-time caregiver. The frustration was stressful for everyone and her mother didn’t want anyone to know about their struggles. Read more

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55 Plus: Get rid of mementos that don’t mean anything

Household mementos that grow over the years have become such a problem that they’ve sparked their own genre of best sellers, such as Marie Kondo’s “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.” In it, Kondo advises looking around at each object in your home (especially clothing in closets), holding each of those objects, and asking yourself, “Does this item spark joy in me?” Kondo then suggests that if the item makes you happy, put it away. If not, toss or donate it. Read more

Fertile business: Sid Skrivseth, 74, continues to build regional reputation as expert cattle breeder

At 74, Sid Skrivseth continues to build regional reputation as expert cattle breeder. Read more

Some older couples have ‘weddings’ without getting married

Some older couples who want social recognition for their love relationships are exchanging rings, throwing parties and holding wedding-type ceremonies, but they’re stopping short of getting legally married to avoid complications with retirement funds, property and grown children. Read more

Whitworth, GU presidents to speak

Whitworth University President Beck Taylor and Gonzaga University President Thayne McCulloh will talk about education in today’s world Wednesday at Rockwood South Hill. The 3 p.m. event is sponsored by the Rockwood Residents’ Foundation. The audience will have the chance to ask questions of the presidents. Read more

Boomers face pitfalls in complex Medicare choices

Signing up for Medicare, the federal government’s health care system for the elderly and disabled, involves complex choices. Medicare’s complicated options involve potential pitfalls that can hurt people later in life, when medical and financial situations change. Read more

Retired teachers help peers navigate retirement

The reality of retirement is far from paradise, so says a group of retired teachers who want to school area educators and support staff, everyone from janitors and cooks to bus drivers, by having a free retirement conference with state and local experts next month. Read more

New Meals on Wheels project brings nutrition to the forefront

When it comes to preventing illness and chronic disease, keeping people out of the hospital and making quicker recoveries, access to good nutritious is component that can be overlooked. Read more

Six simple ways to help keep your brain in shape

If you love crosswords and other word-centric puzzles and games, you’re in luck: Doing them regularly may strengthen memory and concentration, and help keep Alzheimer’s at bay. Read more