AARP program aims to protect older Americans from scams

Con artists aren’t just targeting the stereotypical old lady at home. It happened just last week to the wife of one of the nation’s experts on online safety – a man who literally locks his laptop to the hotel toilet when he travels so it and his information isn’t stolen and sold. “My laptop is chained in my (car) trunk right now,” Christopher Burgess said Tuesday after speaking at the AARP and Washington Attorney General’s “scam jam” conference in the Spokane Valley. Read more

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Local TV show targets viewers 55 and older

Spokane has a new locally produced monthly television show just for people 55 and older. “Successful Aging in the Northwest” premiered June 24 on CMTV14, which is a nonprofit station operated by Community-Minded Enterprises. The community service program includes everything from healthy living tips to money management all by local professionals and experts. The first segment focused on fall prevention. Monthly segments include fitness, advice for daily living, interviews with local volunteers and legal aid advice. Read more

Meditation found to reduce stress, anxiety in seniors

For an hour, the group sat in a circle, quiet and still. Not a yawn. Not a nose scratch. Not a twitch. The seniors were all in a state of meditation: practicing mindfulness and being in the now. The new air conditioner rumbled. Something fell against the wall of the thrift shop next door. Yet nobody opened an eye. They just sat and breathed while they listened to a CD by a well-known meditation instructor. Today’s focus was concentrating even with noise and distractions. Read more

Seminars to cover Alzheimer’s care

The Alzheimer’s Association is offering a free seminar Tuesday in Hayden about caring for people with middle-stage dementia. The all-day program will cover communication, personal care, behaviors, wandering and care options. Read more

KJRB Radio launches talk format aimed at boomers

Baby boomers are reclaiming the Spokane radio station of their youth: KJRB. In the 1960s and 70s, KJRB was the area’s premier Top 40 station broadcasting the rock ’n’ roll soundtrack for teens and young adults. The format changed over the years, most recently playing classic country. That all changes today at 8 a.m. when Boomer Radio goes live on AM-790. Read more

Boomer Radio

KJRB AM-790 launches a new local talk-radio format focusing on baby boomers today at 8 a.m. Tune in to hear four hours of daily local talk, news and information Monday through Saturday. The broadcast starts with “Business Talks,” a popular talk program already familiar to Spokane listeners. Read more

Live audience wanted

The first two episodes of KJRB’s new variety show “The Nostalgia Radio Hour” are being recorded July 16 at the Glover Mansion, 321 W. Eighth Ave. Come join the live audience: applaud, laugh and reminisce about the history of the Inland Northwest. Read more

Personal trainer keeps aging clients healthy

Marge Holston moved to Spokane Valley from Southern California and somehow left a lot of her activity behind. That’s when she decided to join a gym, hire a trainer and start working out. “I knew I needed to get motivated right away,” Holston said between repetitions on a weight machine pinpointing shoulder muscles. “At 79, I can do everything I need to do. I’m proud of it, man.” Read more

Trainer’s son helps raise awareness of autism

Mavrick Benoscek, 13, wasn’t keen on participating in a pageant until he found out it was a fundraiser for autism and perhaps someday finding a cure or prevention. “I really want some of that,” Mavrick said about preventing autism, which he was diagnosed with at age 3. Read more

Oil industry fuels reversal in age trends

WASHINGTON – Want to reduce the effects of aging? Try oil. The United States’ population is still getting older, but that’s changing in the Great Plains because of the attraction of working in the booming oil and gas industries. Read more

Retirement communities offer independence, but not all boomers are ready

Many baby boomers aren’t ready for retirement – much less a retirement community. And some in this independent and free-spirited generation are indignant about even discussing the idea of someone so young moving to a community of, well, old people. “Too busy working to think about the ‘home’ and my mother says she isn’t ready either,” wrote Becky Christner in response to a recent Facebook inquiry about whether baby boomers are ready for the retirement home. Read more

Critical connections

Al Gilmour stumbled across a gem for bringing together professionals in the elder services industry while on a business trip to Olympia. Three years later, Spokane County has a similar group to network and build businesses and services that specialize in aging while also raising money to help local seniors in need. The Senior Action Network of Eastern Washington has about 55 members, most of whom braved a cold, stormy morning Tuesday for the monthly meeting. It’s a typical networking group with a variety of members from care facilities, home health and funeral homes to attorneys, financial planners and real estate agents specializing in senior transitions. So far this year, individuals have made nearly 300 referrals to other member’s businesses and services, said President Mendy Neff, who also works for Providence Senior and Community Services. Read more