KJRB Radio launches talk format aimed at boomers

Baby boomers are reclaiming the Spokane radio station of their youth: KJRB. In the 1960s and 70s, KJRB was the area’s premier Top 40 station broadcasting the rock ’n’ roll soundtrack for teens and young adults. The format changed over the years, most recently playing classic country. That all changes today at 8 a.m. when Boomer Radio goes live on AM-790. Read more

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Hooked on the fishing life since he was 5

NISSWA, MINN. – The plan was for 5-year-old Royal Karels to visit his grandparents’ resort near Brainerd, Minnesota, for a couple of days back in the summer of 1942. But little Royal was instantly hooked on life at the lake. Read more

Sundance Meadows residents launch community garden

Weeds and rocks and more rocks. Not the view Steve Groth wanted to see when he looked out over the 55-plus retirement community where he lives near Nine Mile, just north of the Sun Dance Golf Course. So the farmer did what farmers do: He tilled it up and got to work. For weeks, Groth and about a dozen residents from the Sundance Meadows Gated Community have toiled in the rocky, sandy soil to create a community garden that will provide vegetables and fruit for everyone in the neighborhood including those not able to work in the 50-by-90-foot plot. If the harvest reaps extra food, the community will donate the excess to Second Harvest. Read more

Care worker earns award from WHCA

Jackie Nelson, a special care unit manager at Pinewood Terrace in Colville, has been recognized as this year’s skilled nursing Red Carpet Quality Award recipient by the Washington Health Care Association. Nelson, who has worked for Prestige Care Inc. – which owns Pinewood Terrace – for 10 years, is known for her enthusiasm and positive improvements to the Special Care Unit. She developed an Alzheimer’s support group and finds alternative interventions and approaches to reduce use of medication in treating the disease and its effects. She also encourages residents to enjoy extracurricular activities and adventures. Read more

Boomers drive change in age structure

Fueled by baby boomers, the nation’s 65-and-older population is projected to reach 83.7 million in 2050, which is almost double in size from the 2012 level of 43.1 million, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. This changing age structure has implications for families, health care, policymakers and businesses. Read more

Idaho rancher, yak an inseparable duo

When Lynn Taylor retired to North Idaho, he wanted to raise something fun and exotic, not your standard cows or sheep. He had no idea a decade later his “life partner” would be a 1,140-pound Tibetan yak that he rides in the mountains, drives around in a cart behind his ATV and invites into his home for a few dog treats on the couch. Meet Makloud the Yak, who Taylor raised as a bottle baby after the calf’s mother died. Read more

Cache of the day

Bill Pierce accidently stumbled across geocaching while hiking Shoshone County’s Pulaski Tunnel Trail. Pierce wanted to double-check the name of the creek that runs down the ravine before he entered the day’s adventure in his journal. Google found him the West Fork of Placer Creek and included a description of a geocache location, where a cache – or a hidden container – was stashed along the trail. Read more

Bloomsday, boomers are made for each other

Bloomsday would seem to be the perfect fit for the baby boom generation that prides itself on staying fit, playing outdoors and socializing with friends. Age isn’t slowing these “senior” walkers and runners down, with nearly 11 percent – or 4,367 – of the 46,915 finishers last year born between 1946 and 1964. Read more

Travel tips put vacationers back on road

This past year was a reinvention of sorts for the travel industry, and now that spring has officially sprung, it’s time to reap the benefits! With a newly vested interest in getting back on the road and seeing the world, the adventurous traveler has more opportunities than ever to set out and discover new things in 2014. Read more

Write it Out: Tourists pursue their cache

Few tourists ever visit Culoo Head. Only a few local anglers casting for cod or pilgrims trekking to St. Brendan’s baptismal pool go there. But during the past 10 years, 450 geocachers have searched for the Atlantic Whirlpool geocache on this beautiful, but rugged, southwest coastline of Ireland. I signed the logbook for this interesting geocache on a recent family trip to Ireland. Geocaching involves using a GPS unit or smartphone to locate hidden containers. Locations and instructions for finding these containers can be found on the website geocaching.com. This high-tech game of treasurer hunting began near Portland in 2000 and quickly spread around the world. Actually, out of this world – as the International Space Station contains a geocache. Read more

Companies ease difficulty, stress of moving to new home

It is perhaps the most amazing thing Robert Premus has witnessed in his 80 years – a one-day move where he didn’t have to lift a finger or pack a box. By evening, he and his wife, Sophia, were in their new retirement home, which was fully unpacked and arranged with fresh tulips on the table and dinner waiting. This is the whole goal of Pack with Compassion, a Spokane company owned by Deb Fry that helps people – often seniors or people with disabilities – move. But they don’t just pack boxes. Deb and her staff focus on compassion – navigating the emotional rollercoaster of helping people leave their homes, often after 50 years. She aims to take the worry and work out of the daunting process and helps people with that overwhelming question of “Where do I start?” Read more

Forever.com guards personal photos, videos

PITTSBURGH – One year after social media archives site forever.com was launched with plans to corner the long-term digital storage market, a secondary goal of guarding personal memories from prying eyes has taken center stage. Part digital family album and part time capsule, Forever targets mature audiences seeking to share and maintain family histories. Ancestral photos, marriage licenses and senior graduation pictures can be uploaded to the site and, before the year is out, audio and video streams also will be able to be saved. Read more

Household budget meeting tests dad’s patience

Called a family meeting the other day. Like conversation, a family meeting is another antiquated concept. These days, you’re more likely to go on a sleigh ride or visit the Vatican than attend a family meeting. I plow ahead anyway. Our family is now one of those weird sports teams, split between players too young and too old. Our youngest is 11; our oldest, 30. In a sense, we’re having our own grandchildren. Read more

Financial discipline equals happiness in retirement

People who are financially disciplined feel more secure about their finances and are likelier to be happy in retirement, according to a new study. Sure, that’s a no-brainer, but it’s worth reinforcing for people not naturally inclined toward fiscal responsibility. Read more

Caregiver shortage closes in on boomers

A recent AARP report about the caregiving shortage that aging baby boomers will face should be a wake-up call to talk about this critical issue. It can no longer be put off. Read more