SUNDAY, FEB. 19, 2017

SUNDAY, FEB. 19, 2017

BBB Tip of the Week: Look out for fashion fakes

Spring is just around the corner, and a new outfit or purse can be a great way to change seasons. Seventy-six percent of the online fashion scams reported to BBB consisted of consumers being charged for a clothing item they purchased online but never received in the mail.

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SUNDAY, FEB. 19, 2017

Business Beat

ArchitectureIntegrus Architecture has announced a number of additions to its team. David Buescher has been hired as a project architect working with the government team. Steven Clark joins Integrus’ higher education team. Tim Hazelbaker has been hired as an architect ...

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SUNDAY, FEB. 19, 2017

Tom Kelly: Despite safeguards, predatory lenders still operating

In the home-mortgage industry, predators historically have jockeyed to the most vulnerable rung of the housing ladder, seeking to “dine and dash” with the least suspecting group of borrowers having to pay the bill. Now, while most bad actors have been rooted out of real estate lending, a few borrowers are being hit with loan presentations that seem too good to be true.

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FRIDAY, FEB. 17, 2017

This Wednesday, April 2, 2014, photo, shows the headquarters of student loan debt collector Navient Corporation, in Wilmington, Del. Student loan servicers play a key role in the lives of the 44 million Americans who, combined, have run up $1.4 trillion in student debt. In January 2016, regulators filed a lawsuit against the largest of them, Navient, accusing it of making it harder for borrowers to repay loans by giving them flawed information, processing payments incorrectly and failing to act on complaints. (William Bretzger / AP)

UPDATED: FRIDAY, FEB. 17, 2017, 6:11 P.M.

Student debt in America hits record

Total U.S. student debt hit a record $1.31 trillion last year, the 18th consecutive year Americans’ education debt rose, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Outstanding loans taken out for higher education have doubled since 2009, data ...

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The Dirt

Here's the dirt

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Coming Monday: Live from Olympia

The Spokesman-Review and Spin Control are experimenting with Facebook Live, with a weekly round up of the previous week’s legislative activity and a look ahead to the current week’s schedule. ...

Mat Classic XXIX

Mat Classic XXIX Medalists STATE 4A 106—Championship: Tebbets d. Vaughn 2-0. Third/Fourth: Yacapin p. Randall 2:48. Fifth/Sixth: Bennet d. Johnson 2-0. Seventh/Eighth: Cassel md. Muhammad 15-3. 113—Championship: Gonzalez d. Michalski ...

Weekend Wild Card — 2.18-19.17

I was going to watch the final 30 minutes of that hour and 16 minute press conference held by President Donald Trump Thursday. But his tweet today that the press ...