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Architecture David Hipp, associate principal at Bernardo|Wills Architects, has completed the requirements for certification as a designated design-build professional. The certification highlights Hipp as having mastered best practices associated with the entire design-build process, and allows design and construction under one contract. He is currently working on two such projects: the BCT Complex, unaccompanied enlisted personnel housing at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Tacoma, and the Washington state Department of Transportation North Central Region Administration Facility in Wenatchee.

Know how free trials can cost you

You should be aware that by accepting a free trial offer, you might be agreeing to buy additional products and services unless you cancel within a specified period of time.

Seller financing has more than one option

Many of today’s borrowers, even those anticipating a smooth refinance, are having difficulty qualifying for a loan on their principal residence. Homeowners became so used to the quick turnarounds during the easy money days that they are startled, and often upset, when they can’t receive the exact loan they want.

Spokane man invents new tool to tackle waterfront weeds

Inventor Bret Britz uses his Weed Ray to cut away waterfront weeds during a demonstration earlier this week at the Camas Center on the Kalispel reservation in Usk. (The Spokesman-Review)
The Weed Ray consists of two razor wings attached to an adjustable pole that skims across the water – like the manta ray it was named for – until it sits above the clump of weeds the user wants to cut away along waterfront property.

Audi to update 850,000 cars as diesel recalls widen

In this Wednesday, March 15, 2017, file photo, the four-ring logo of German car producer Audi is photographed at the headquarters after the annual press conference in Ingolstadt, Germany. (Matthias Schrader / Associated Press)
German automaker Audi says it will fit up to 850,000 diesel cars with new software to improve their emissions performance, following a similar move by rival Daimler as the auto industry tries to get ahead of public controversy over the technology.

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