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Get Lit!: An Evening with Chris McDougall

Author Christopher McDougall’s career as an AP journalist and a writer for Outside, New York Times Magazine, and Men’s Health has sent him into the midst of wars in the Congo and Rwanda, into the coconut trees of Brazil to investigate an unusual form of exercise, and on a hunt for a fugitive Mexican superstar. In “Born to Run” (2009), he sets out to test his limitations as a long-distance runner. His journey takes him from Harvard’s laboratories to Mexico’s Copper Canyon where he meets a unique tribe of runners who often cover over 100 miles, barefoot, without injury or rest. In addition to a talk and book signing, McDougall will lead a Bloomsday Training Run of a four-mile loop at 6 p.m.; talk and book signing at 7:30 p.m. Free and open to the public.