Local events

Ponderosa Republican Women’s April Luncheon

Join us for guest Speaker Shahram Hadian’s presentation “Restoring Our Constitutional Republic.” In Hadian’s newest presentation, “Restoring Our Constitutional Republic,” he addresses:

* The Need for Courageous Leadership to represent our founding principles, stop political correctness, stand for our freedoms and stop compromising on the Truth
* Why we are not a democracy
* Current state of our government
* The responsibility of the church
* The Founders’ warnings about political parties
* It is time to reassert The Declaration of Independence
* The Monument of Restoration in Plymouth
* Becoming free people, free churches, and free states
* Restoration is only possible as One Nation Under the True God
* The need for an uncompromising Courageous Generation to rise up in this hour

Make your reservations by April 7 to PonderosaRW@comcast.net or by phone.