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Women and the Wage Gap: Not Celebrating Equal Pay Day

April 8 is Equal Pay Day. What does that mean? It is the symbolic day when women’s earnings catch up to men’s for the year before. It takes an extra three months and one week for women’s $.77 per hour to catch up with each $1.00 her male counterpart earns or for her to earn as much as a male counterpart earned in the 12 months of the previous year. The pay gap affects working women and their families from their first pay check through their retirement. A woman is paid a million dollars less in her lifetime than her equally qualified male counterpart. In this workshop Virginia Hinch, EWU Career Services director, Laura Sanchez, EWU Career Services career advisor, and; Ericka Miller, EWU Career Services student employee and double major in Women and Gender Studies and Psychology, will address negotiating skills for that first paycheck and changing those statistics - including a reality check matching up your pay with cost of living in the location you plan to work, how to highlight your value to your future workplace, and demonstrate examples of interviewing red flags and what not to say in negotiations. Presented by Women’s Studies Center.