Local events

Organist Dr. Mark Brombaugh

While his program includes works by Bach, Dupre, de Grigny, Scheidemann and Percy Whitlock, Dr. Brombaugh is featuring the second performance of Tacoma composer, David Dahl’s “Festive Prelude” on the Welsh hymn-tune, Cwm Rhondda.

Other contemporary work includes American organist and composer Larry Peyton King’s Fanfares to the Tongues of Fire. King was music director at Trinity Church, Wall Street, for many years. Commissioned by Riverside Church in 1978, he composed Tongues of Fire, designed to demonstrate a new organ stop known as trumpet-en-chamade.

Mark Brombaugh is co-director of Music Ministries at Christ Episcopal Church, Tacoma, a position he shares with his wife, the Rev. Kathryn Nichols.