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Chimney Rock Hike

Chimney Rock is arguably the best known feature of the American Selkirks and hiking to it is a rite of passage for many here in North Idaho. Seen from a distance, the 500-foot vertical wall that rises from the Selkirk Crest is amazing—up close it’s jaw droppingly magnificent!

You will start this hike on an old logging road that gently climbs for 3-4 miles before ascending to a granite bench where you will get a glimpse of the prize that waits ahead. The trail continues to climb, crossing boulder fields and granite slabs until you emerge at the base of Chimney Rock. Stop here or continue carefully to the saddle.

Those daring enough can scramble up and around the knife-edged trail to stand in the saddle of Chimney Rock for amazing views of Priest Lake and the Selkirk Crest. Scaling the summit of the Rock takes rock climbing gear and will have to wait for another trip.