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Pacific Northwest Chuck Wagon Cook Off

The American Chuck Wagon was the food truck of its day, mobile on the prairie and in the mountains, feeding our nation’s cowboys and loggers. Instrumental in the settling of the west, the Chuck Wagon is an important part of Washington State history, but this Cook Off is the first of it’s kind in the Pacific Northwest.

Spend time looking over the authentic chuck wagons and watch the cooks prepare food in the style of the period associated with their wagons. Each wagon will serve upwards of 50 meals. Choose your wagon and line up with your ticket and wait to be served. Once the dinner bell rings, it’s time to eat.

Purchase tickets at the Dayton Chamber of Commerce office or at www.mulemaniadayton.com.

Meet our Chuck Wagons -

“Prosperity Flats” - 1905 Weber Wagon out of Maple Valley, Washington.
“Paradise Rose” – 1880’s Original Peter Schuttler Wagon out of Arlington, Oregon
“Musselshell Wagon” 1895 Moline Rocky Mountain Special Wagon out of Round Up, Montana
“Coyote Mule Wagon” - 1870 Thornhill Wagon out of Cottonwood, Idaho
“Clatier Family Wagon” – 1922 WW Wagon out of Rupert, Idaho
“Lightening A ” – 1890’s Weber Wagon out of Chewelah, Washington