Local events

Spokane Veteran Healing Retreat

A group of 14 veterans will join six Warrior Songs staff to form a safe and supportive community during this four-day retreat. Warrior Songs uses a non‐clinical approach that facilitates healing through music, storytelling and other creative arts. Exercises help participants to remember, understand and reshape their war trauma. During the four days, songs will be written, murals painted and stories turned into powerful poetry and prose. By sharing their truths in this trusted community, veterans move from isolation into a greater awareness of connection with themselves, their families and communities. Each veteran will create his or her own plan of how they will continue their healing process. On the final evening of the retreat veterans will present a special presentation of their stories through art to the Spokane community. This retreat is all-inclusive and free to veterans. For veterans interested in exploring and sharing their experiences in a safe community of other veterans, please contact info@warriorsongs.org for more information.