Local events

“Genetically Engineered Crops: Farming and Livestock Impact”

Howard Vlieger, a third generation farmer from Iowa, will be speaking in Eastern Washington to share information about the impacts of genetically engineered crops on farming operations, livestock and weeds. While the presentation will be of greatest benefit to area farmers and hobbyist farmers, this educational presentation and discussion will be a benefit to anyone wanting to learn more about genetically engineered crops and food. The presentations are free and open to the public.

Mr. Vlieger has studied genetically engineered crops since 1994 and works with leading scientists on research projects involving genetically engineered crops. First problem solving issues related to feeding livestock genetically engineered feed in 1998, Howard Vlieger has real life experience that gives him a unique perspective on how genetically engineered crops affect the farm ecology, farm economy, livestock health, and more. A spiritual conservative, Mr. Vlieger has served as a delegate to the Iowa State Convention for the Republican party for many years.

Washington agriculture is dominated by non-genetically engineered crops today, but that is poised to change with genetically engineered apples and wheat on the horizon. It’s important for Eastern Washington farmers and the community to hear from people like Mr. Vlieger on what adoption of these technologies means in the real world.