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Hanford T-Plant Public Tours

Tours available Saturdays and Sundays in October to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Manhattan Project and the history of the communities that became the Tri-Cities. T-Plant is one of Hanford’s massive reprocessing facilities used to chemically extract the plutonium for use in the Trinity test - the world’s first atomic bomb - and in the Fat Man bomb dropped over Nagasaki, Japan, to help end World War II. T-Plant is the oldest remaining operational nuclear facility in the nation with a new mission to help the environmental cleanup efforts under way at Hanford.

The “Plutonium Passport” includes bus transportation to the restricted areas of the Hanford site B Reactor and T-Plant tours; admission to 70th Anniversary lectures, exhibitions and receptions; admission to CREHST Museum and other select opportunities. Tour participants must be U.S. citizens and be at least 18 years old. Visit www.ourhanfordhistory.org/70