Local events

KPBX Kids Concert

Performance by reggae/calypso band Moko Jumbie. The band is composed of Bryan Bogue, Rick Westwick, Paul Raymond, and Angus Nunes, who present the unique sound of Trinidadian steel drums, vibraphone, and other percussion instruments. Bryan Bogue has been a member of the Spokane Symphony’s percussion section for 36 years. He also teaches music at Spokane Public Schools. Aside from playing with the Symphony for the last 33 years, Rick Westrick also teaches at Gonzaga Prep, SFCC, Mead School District, and Whitworth University. Paul Raymond has played with the Symphony for 40 years and is the principal percussionist. He also teaches at Whitworth University and at Holy Names Music Center. Angus Nunes has played with the Coeur D’Alene Symphony Orchestra since 2009 and teaches orchestra for Spokane Public Schools.

Moko Jumbie presents their music of the tropics at events across the Inland Northwest. They play calypso, reggae, and soca styles, but also venture further south to catch a few rhythms from Brazil, including samba and bossa nova.