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Olde English Ball

No experience necessary, no partner necessary, all instruction provided for the entire period of dance. Costumes are welcomed but not required. Ladies wear long dresses, skirts or formals. Men wear slacks and button up shirts with vest, if possible. Period dress for men would include knickers, knee socks, cravats, tailsuits, even frilly shirts. Just make sure you can dance in whatever you wear or it won’t be much fun! No costume, no problem, just come! The Regency Era … Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austin period is the inspiration of these dances, but they tend to be a bit more lively. The music usually starts slow and speeds up as it goes. Tend to be mostly walking steps, bowing, curtsying, showing great courtesy to your partners and changing partners often. Varies from large circles to long double lines to horseshoe shapes to four person squares … each dance is different.