Arrow-right Camera Digital Access FAQs is now charging a monthly fee for those without a print subscription. You can gain unlimited digital access by subscribing to digital-only or to home delivery of The Spokesman-Review. If you’re a longtime digital reader, this list of FAQs should help you understand the changes.

If I’m already a home-delivery subscriber, will I get unlimited digital access?

Yes, all home-delivery subscribers are entitled to unlimited digital access. You simply need to activate your digital access account. Click here to activate

If I’m already an e-edition subscriber, will I get unlimited digital access?

Yes, your e-edition account will provide you with unlimited digital access. You simply need to activate your digital access account. Click here to activate

How can I get the digital replica (e-edition) of the print newspaper?

The e-edition is included with all digital and print subscriptions. Once you sign up for a subscription, your first e-edition notification will be emailed to you within 48 hours. You’ll just need to click on the email's included link to set up e-edition access.

How do I subscribe for unlimited digital access?

Click here to register for a subscription. You will need an email address and a password to complete the process.

What do I get with unlimited digital access?

You get unlimited access to our web sites on your desktop, tablet, smartphone or other internet-compatible device. In addition, you’ll have access to our e-edition — a digital replica of our print edition. The e-edition has access to 30 days of back issues, allows you to enlarge text, translates English text into other languages, and much more.

Can you explain the purpose of the buttons?


By registering for a account, you will be allowed 5 more free views per month. You'll have the option to subscribe to unlimited digital access at any time.

ACTIVATE (once only)

If you already have a home-delivery subscription, activating will give you full digital access. Clicking this button will direct you to find your print-subscription account. Once found, you'll need to either log in (using your existing account) or create one. Finally, with your account activated, you'll only need to be logged in to have unlimited access.


Choose this button if you want to purchase a subscription for unlimited digital access or if you want to purchase a print subscription that includes unlimited digital access.


If you have a account. Note: you click the Log in link on top of website to manage your newsletters or comment on stories.

Doesn’t already have a registration meter?

Our new meter requires a paid subscription after reading 5 articles. You can, however, create a account to view 5 additional free articles per month.

After I have a digital subscription account, will I need to log in every time I want to read news stories?

No, as long as you don’t log out, your digital access will not expire for three weeks. After your login expires, you'll need to log in again.

How do I log in if I forget my password?

On the digital subscription page that requires you to log in, you can go to this link Forgot your password? that will allow you to reset your password. If you have entered your email address, you will receive an email that provides directions on how to change your password.

Can I share my subscriber account with other family members?

All members of your household who live at your address may use the same account; however, they will all need to share the same username and password. In the future, we do hope to allow more than one username and email address per account.

Why must I pay for digital access?

Readers may access up to 5 articles each month without charge. Print subscribers receive unlimited digital access included with the price of their subscription. Regular digital readers — those who read more than 5 news articles per month — are asked to subscribe. The Spokesman-Review remains the region’s largest professional news-gathering organization, and our journalists’ work has great value. So does our relationship with our customers, which is why all subscribers, regardless of frequency of delivery, are ensured unlimited digital access. is the No. 1 local news and information site in the market bringing you news from your neighborhood, your county, your state and the nation. In addition, we cover high school and college sports as well as professional sports. If you are looking for a weekend event, a concert, a play or a local craft fair — you’ll find it free of charge at

What digital content can I access without a subscription?

Non-subscribers may read up to 5 articles during any 30-day period. You may read an additional 5 articles by creating a account, which is free. If you’d like to read more articles per month, you should sign up for a digital subscription. After reading all your free articles, a Subscribe button will appear inviting you to subscribe.

Many features remain freely available to non-subscribers, including unlimited access to blogs, ads and classifieds, jobs, obituaries, crossword, and weather. Additionally, non-subscribers have full access to,,, and

Does the 5-article limit (non-subscribers only) apply to newsletters emailed to me?

Although newsletters are free, reading stories linked from them on our website does count toward the article limit.

How will I know when I’ve reached my free article limit?

A box will appear stating that you have viewed all your free articles and have reached your limit.

How can I track how many articles I have read?

Below the article title you’ll see a sentence like "You’ve read 2 premium articles." Your article count will not increase for free articles.

Can my organization have a group subscription?

Yes, we do offer rates for group subscriptions. Please contact us at and provide the name of your organization, contact name and number of employees. We will contact you with pricing and arrange for setup.

Will I still be able to access stories through Facebook, Twitter and other social media?

Yes. Content accessed via social media links doesn’t require a digital subscription. We encourage all users of to share article links with their friends and followers, and we thank you for doing so!

Can I read and write comments on stories without becoming a digital subscriber?

Commenting is an important part of the community. You do not need to log in to read comments. However, to comment on a story, you do need to register and log in — it’s free.

Will I need to download and install an app for mobile devices?

No, content access on a mobile device does not require downloading an app. Simply go to Our stories are formatted for readability on mobile device screens.

What about my newsletters?

You may continue to register for and receive our email newsletters without signing up for a paid subscription.

If I put in a vacation stop for my home delivery, will I continue to have digital access?

Customers who place a hold on their print newspaper, with a return date, will continue to have unlimited digital access while they're away.

Where do I find my subscription id?

Your subscription id is your 7 digit account number. You can find it on your subscriber bill or by contacting us at (509) 747-4422 or by email at

Who do I contact for help with access problems?

For questions regarding access, call our customer service phone line at (509) 747-4422 or email

How do I cancel my digital subscription?

To cancel your subscription, call our customer service phone line at (509) 747-4422 or email