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Dorothy Dean

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Dorothy Dean turns 80

UPDATED: Tue., Oct. 13, 2015, 1:59 p.m.

Spokane food blogger Greg Kauwe, aka Nomnerd, turned a Burger-Mac Bake into macaroni and cheese topped with Wagyu beef. (Adriana Janovich
The Spokesman-Review’s beloved homemakers service was launched this week in 1935

Commemorating Dorothy Dean with updated recipes

Wed., Sept. 9, 2015

October marks 80 years since the start of The Spokesman-Review’s beloved Dorothy Dean Homemakers Service. The newspaper launched the service in 1935 with a test kitchen and cooking school. Recipe leaflets and a telephone hotline were also part of the popular program.

Dorothy Dean-inspired dish a rich, juicy holiday option

Wed., Dec. 3, 2014

Dorothy Dean’s 1938 recipe for Roast Duck with Mushroom Stuffing includes plenty of the three Bs: butter, bacon fat and bread crumbs. (Adriana Janovich)
With crispy, crackling skin and intense flavor, roast duck makes a rich main dish for holiday dinners. But the element that makes it so succulent is also what makes it seem so intimidating. Duck is such a fatty bird.

Brighten gray days with Dorothy Dean’s Frosted Orange Drops

Wed., April 6, 2011

Advertising in the newspaper for latest release of vintage Dorothy Dean recipe leaflets left Marilyn Ottinger hungry for a long lost recipe. Ottinger, who now lives in Bothell, Wash., remembered a recipe for frosted orange cookies that she loved. We found it in the “Cookies Galore” leaflet from 1974.

Dorothy Dean influence 75 years ‘strong’

Wed., Oct. 20, 2010

Dare you to try to get this past the family at dinner tonight. Savory gelatins, like the Barbecue Aspic Salad, were a popular dish when the Dorothy Dean's Homemakers Service was launched in the mid-1930s. (Spokesman-Review archives)
Trouble trussing a  turkey? Laundry dingy? Desperate for a holiday menu and decorating ideas? For 45 years the women of the Inland Northwest knew where to turn for advice on everything from recipe failures to party games – Dorothy Dean.

Homemakers service offered tips, leaflets, even a hotline

Wed., Oct. 20, 2010

Homemaker extraordinaire Dorothy Dean was never one to rest on her laurels. The women who worked for the Dorothy Dean homemakers service not only published the leaflets that many still use, they also maintained a hotline for homemakers who needed help with recipes or other kitchen problems. The women in the department also produced a long-lived “Ask Dorothy Dean” column in the newspaper, hosted demonstrations, tested and updated recipes and held an annual recipe contest.

Reader memories: Nobody compares to Dorothy Dean

Wed., Oct. 20, 2010

Here’s what some longtime fans have to say: ‘My cookbook is well worn with multiple spills and dog-eared pages – evidence of many years of use and good eating.” – Charlene Janson, Spokane

Sons and daughters of Dorothy Dean

Wed., Oct. 20, 2010

Many of the people who called, wrote or e-mailed about Dorothy Dean said she seemed like a trusted friend, mother or grandmother. The recipe leaflets and phone line gave them a much-needed connection for confidence in the kitchen. We also heard from the children of some of the real women who served as the head of the Dorothy Dean department. Here’s what they said:

Memories of Dorothy Dean to be shared next week

Wed., Oct. 13, 2010

Thank you, thank you and thank you. Lovers of Dorothy Dean’s Homemaker’s Service flooded my e-mail, voice mail and mailbox with notes, photos and favorite recipes after an item in last week’s Fresh Sheet asking readers to share their recollections. It was wonderful to hear stories about how many of those cookbooks are still in use and the family memories that have been made along with the recipes inside.

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