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Council Seat 1

Loren “Ron” Edinger 71.94%
Adam Graves 28.06%

Council Seat 5

Steve Adams 56.13%
John Bruning 33.29%
Amber Copeland 10.58%

Council Seat 1

Kerri Thoreson 59.40%
Joe Bodman 27.85%
Jim Edgington 12.75%

Council Seat 3

Joe Malloy 69.81%
Scott Grant 30.19%

Council Seat 5

Skip Hissong 60.87%
Barry Rubin 39.13%

City Council

Tim Timmins 61.06%
Kris LaMarr 38.94%

Hayden Mayor

Ronald McIntire 64.81%
Nancy (Taylor) Lowery 35.19%

Latest news

Idaho troopers doing duties with 1977 staffing level

BOISE – There are the same number of Idaho State Police troopers patrolling the state’s roads now as there were in 1977, Idaho lawmakers learned last week, even though the state’s population has swelled 75 percent since then. Col. Jerry Russell, ISP chief, told lawmakers that of his current patrol force of 150 authorized positions, six are investigators, and there are 33 vacancies.

Eye on Boise: Labrador hires ex-rival’s ‘most important person’

BOISE – New GOP congressman Raul Labrador has hired outgoing Democratic Rep. Walt Minnick’s constituent services director, Lisa Anderson, to be his constituent services director. “Essentially she’ll be performing the same job that she was doing for Rep. Minnick,” said Phil Hardy, Labrador spokesman. “She’s extremely dedicated, and she came out as the most qualified person who had applied for the job,” Hardy said.

50-Plus Crowd Dominates Idaho Vote

Remember when voters were concerned that irresponsible youth would decide important matters at the ballot box after the voting age was lowered from 21 to 18 way back when? Well, young adults have little or no impact on the Idaho voting scene, particularly in North…

Face Time: Allred staying focused on citizens’ interests

BOISE – Before Keith Allred ran for governor of Idaho, the former Harvard University professor was becoming an increasingly common sight in Idaho’s state Capitol, where he spent five years lobbying for what he called “the common interest” on behalf of his nonpartisan citizens group. Allred brought together people of all political stripes from throughout the state into a group that collectively studied and debated issues, and where they reached broad consensus, he lobbied for those positions in the state Legislature, with some notable successes.

Land Board’s PR agent well known among GOP

BOISE – Idaho’s state Land Board has paid more than a quarter-million dollars since 2007 to one of the state’s top Republican operatives for a public relations campaign, but officials say the state’s getting a great deal. “We’re very happy with the results so far,” said Lands Department Director George Bacon.

Eye on Boise: Minnick concession Tweet No. 8 on ranking list

BOISE – Idaho Congressman Walt Minnick’s election-night concession on Twitter made history – according to Twitter. It was ranked No. 8 on the site’s list of the “10 Most Powerful Tweets of 2010.” The tweet, sent by campaign manager John Foster around 2 a.m. as Election Night stretched into morning, said, “Congratulations to Raul Labrador on a hard-earned win, and best of luck as Idaho’s next Congressman.”

Representative says he’s paying price for complaint

BOISE – Rep. Eric Anderson, R-Priest Lake, who filed an ethics complaint against Rep. Phil Hart, R-Athol, says Hart confronted him over it during the Dec. 2 organizational session of the Legislature, and Anderson subsequently was punished in his committee assignments, losing the vice-chairmanship of the House State Affairs Committee and being denied a third committee assignment he’d requested. “They made this very personal with me,” Anderson said.

Election flier hoax being investigated

Here’s a news item from the Associated Press: MOSCOW, Idaho (AP) — A Republican who lost his bid for the Idaho Senate says religious mailers that were sent to Latah County voters and appeared to carry his endorsement may have cost him the election. Gresham…

New lawmaker knows of student debt

BOISE – Idaho’s newest congressman-elect is a 42-year-old attorney and former state lawmaker, but he’s also still paying off thousands in student loans. “It’s how I got through law school,” said Idaho Rep.-elect Raul Labrador. “It worked fine.”

Labrador still staddled with student debt

BOISE – Idaho’s newest congressman-elect is a 42-year-old attorney and former state lawmaker, but he’s also still paying off thousands in student loans.

Eye on Boise: PERSI director assures Idaho funds not in trouble

BOISE – Idaho’s public employee retirement system has been deluged by calls, e-mail and visits from worried state and local government retirees who are concerned that it’s going to be eliminated or cut back, but PERSI Director Don Drum said there’s no truth to the rumors driving those concerns. “I think it’s being driven by national media coverage,” Drum said. “There are many funds out there that are in trouble.” But Idaho’s isn’t, he said.

Poll: ‘Narrowly optimistic’ Idahoans don’t want funding cuts or most tax hikes

There’s some very interesting data in the Moore Information poll released today by a coalition of health groups pushing for a big cigarette tax increase in Idaho. Among the results: 47 percent of Idahoans say the state is generally headed in the right direction, while…

Official turnout: Lowest since ‘78

Idaho’s state Board of Canvassers met today to certify the results of the Nov. 2 election, and here’s the news: Just 58.1 percent of Idaho’s registered voters cast ballots. That’s the lowest turnout for a midterm election since 1978 (that year it was 56.51 percent),…

Trend shows fewer eligible Idahoans voting

The “Interstices” blog crunched some numbers and found that the Nov. 2 election marked the lowest turnout as a percentage of Idaho’s voting age population in a gubernatorial election in the past 50 years. That measure, as opposed to the percentage of registered voters who…

Otter on election results: Forget the sour grapes and chest-thumping

In a new opinion piece today, Gov. Butch Otter says he’s “read all the postmortems and punditry about the ‘meaning’ of the November 2nd election results,” and declares, “I believe most of it is well-intentioned, although there certainly is a fair amount of cynicism, condescension…

GOP gains mean more of the same at Idaho Statehouse

BOISE – While much of the nation endorsed a sharp change in political direction Tuesday, Idaho went its own way – the same way it’s headed for the past four years, only more so. “Here in Idaho, it’s a different story – it’s about staying the course,” said Idaho Republican Party Chairman Norm Semanko. “It’s about fiscal responsibility, about understanding that government needs to be small.”

Eye on Boise: Complicated or not, Idaho backs amendments

BOISE – Here’s why it’s not surprising that all four constitutional amendments on this year’s Idaho ballot passed, and passed fairly easily: That’s our history. All 11 previous constitutional amendments that have appeared on Idaho’s ballot since 1998 have won approval from Idaho voters, including complex measures dealing with endowment investment reform. Even when amendments are complicated and difficult to understand, Idaho voters tend to support them.

Ysursa To Tackle Absentee Rules

Item: Ysursa to tackle absentee ballot rules: Hoffman, Spencer fought ballot opening before Election Day/Jay Patrick, Idaho ReporterMore Info: This time around, Wayne Hoffman, executive director of the Idaho Freedom Foundation, took note and petitioned the Idaho Supreme Court on Nov. 1 to put a…

Semanko: As red as Idaho is, Wyoming has us beat

Here’s an interesting tidbit shared by Idaho Republican Party Chairman Norm Semanko on IPTV’s “Dialogue” program last night: Despite the GOP sweep in this year’s elections, Idaho is no longer the “most-Republican” state as measured by Republican dominance in its top offices and Legislature. Wyoming…

Hoffman: Voters Want Cut, Cut, Cut

The untold and certainly most important story from the 2010 General Election in Idaho is this: Not a single representative, senator or executive branch official who supported significant reductions in government spending lost re-election Nov. 2. That’s a fact. Voters rewarded those politicians who stood…

Governor, State of Idaho
U.S. Representative, Idaho Congressional District 1
State Representative, Pos. A, Idaho Legislative District 2
State Representative, Pos. B, Idaho Legislative District 2
State Senator, Idaho Legislative District 2
State Representative, Pos. A, Idaho Legislative District 3
State Representative, Pos. B, Idaho Legislative District 3
State Senator, Idaho Legislative District 3
State Representative, Pos. A, Idaho Legislative District 4
State Representative, Pos. B, Idaho Legislative District 4
State Senator, Idaho Legislative District 4
State Representative, Pos. A, Idaho Legislative District 5
State Representative, Pos. B, Idaho Legislative District 5
State Senator, Idaho Legislative District 5
Assessor, Kootenai County
Clerk, Kootenai County
Coroner, Kootenai County
County Commissioner, District 2, Kootenai County
County Commissioner District 3, Kootenai County
NIC Board Trustee, Position A, Kootenai County
NIC Board Trustee, Position B, Kootenai County
Treasurer, Kootenai County
Attorney General, State of Idaho
Lieutenant Governor, State of Idaho
Secretary of State, State of Idaho
State Controller, State of Idaho
State Treasurer, State of Idaho
Superintendent of Public Instruction, State of Idaho
U.S. Senator
House Joint Resolution 4
House Joint Resolution 5
House Joint Resolution 7
Senate Joint Resolution 101

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