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Dan English

A candidate for Clerk, Kootenai County in the 2010 Idaho General Election

Party: Democratic

Age: 64

His words: “I feel like I have some good things to contribute from my experience. I enjoy being part of the decision-making process and listening to people.”

His pitch: Says he isn’t running on any “burning issues” but does believe citizens need to feel their elected leaders are hearing their concerns. Believes the city’s urban renewal district has done some “great things” and is an asset to the community, but adds that he knows some urban renewal projects and the district’s management style have been controversial. “I definitely believe it has room for improvement, and some of that is probably communication with the public.” English said he would seek a balance between being fiscally prudent and ensuring quality city services, and he’s not opposed to the city accepting federal grants.

Experience: Executive director, Habitat for Humanity of Kootenai County. Kootenai County Clerk, 1995-2010; Coeur d’Alene City Council, 1993-95; Coeur d’Alene School Board, 1985-89. Also worked 22 years as a licensed counselor.

Election results

Candidate Votes Pct
Cliff Hayes (R) 24,935 60.49 %
Dan English (D) 16,290 39.51 %

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Cliff Hayes


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Cliff Hayes Replaces English As Clerk

Kootenai County Clerk Cliff Hayes was sworn in at the Kootenai County administration building earlier today. (SR photo: Kathy Plonka)

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Alleged embezzlement drew from account that wasn’t audited

Kootenai County’s former chief deputy clerk is suspected of embezzling $138,905 over 10 years, ending in October, the month before she retired, Coeur d’Alene police said Wednesday. Sandy Martinson, 62, has not been charged or arrested. Coeur d’Alene police, however, sent a formal request for charges to the Bonner County prosecutor, who is handling the case because Martinson worked for Kootenai County. Bonner County Prosecutor Louis Marshall said he hopes to make a decision by late next week. Potential charges include grand theft and felony misuse of public funds, Marshall said.

Recently retired Kootenai County employee suspected of embezzlement

Coeur d’Alene police are investigating a suspected long-term pattern of embezzlement by Kootenai County’s recently retired chief deputy clerk, a county employee for almost 35 years. Kootenai County’s top elected officials announced in a news conference late Tuesday that a routine review of Sandy Martinson’s…

Dan: Am I The Last Of The Dems?

Dan of the Community: As I spend the last few weeks of my last term (mostly on some leave time since I’ve about cleared out all my desk and most real decisions should now be left up to the new clerk) it struck me that…

Keeping seasonal beliefs aloft

My son, Seth, is a 31-year-old doctor today, in his first year of neurosurgery residency at the University of Florida. But 26 years ago, he was a kindergartner suffering a crisis of faith in Post Falls. (Spoiler alert: Don’t allow small children star-struck by Santa Claus to read further.) In September 1984, we moved from Lewiston to Post Falls, after I accepted a job as a government reporter in the Coeur d’Alene office of The Spokesman-Review. Sometime that fall, Ben Clark, the precocious son of friends Doug and Sherry Clark, had spilled the beans to Seth. Ben had alleged there was no Santa Claus. The revelation hit Junior hard. He moped around much of the holiday season, challenging Mrs. O and I, whenever we mentioned the Jolly Old Elf. We were wondering how to lift Junior’s spirits when Santa and his reindeer appeared to do the heavy lifting for us. Junior was questioning the existence of St. Nick again when I pointed out the window one evening and said: “Well, if Santa Claus doesn’t exist, who’s that up in the sky?” I still cherish the look on Junior’s face as he saw Santa & Co. flying overhead. Thanks to those old Tidyman’s Santa helicopter flyovers, we gained one more Christmas of cherished memories as Junior again believed. Who knows? Maybe he still does. Why me, Lord?

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For Those Keeping Score At Home …

Kootenai County Clerk Dan English will serve as a private subject matter expert for the Janie Ward-Engelking team Thursday, according to Dustin Hurst/Idaho Reporter. Democrat Ward-Engelking, as you may recall, lost her House District 18 race to Republican Julie Ellsworth by 9 votes, 6429 to…

DOTC: No Ballots Were Counted Early

Dan of the County: To be clear, no ballots are counted early, period. It took two solid days of 8-10 people working to open just the absentee ballots that KC received this time. As it was, every available election worker worked until after 5 a.m….

Last Democratic official in Kootenai County loses job

Kootenai County, already among the most conservative regions of the country, is about to lose its sole surviving Democratic elected county official. Longtime Kootenai County Clerk Dan English was defeated 60 percent to 40 percent by Cliff Hayes, the former Post Falls police chief. English had been Kootenai County’s clerk for 15 years.

Huckleberries Talks With Dan English

DFO: Why do you think you lost the 2010 clerk’s election?Dan English: I’m sure every race had its particular issues. I’m sure there were pro and con issues on mine. I have to look at the big picture. This was going to be a Republican…

OOST: News Stories Hurt Clerk

Out Of Stater Tater: The lawsuit raised a lot of questions about how Dan (of the County) keeps house, fair or not. The stories over the last few days about his office failing to disburse revenues just reinforced those doubts.Democratic County Clerk Dan English was…

13,000 Absentees & Counting

County Clerk Dan English told Huckleberries Online moments ago that the Election Department has received 13,026 absentee votes to date — and they’re still coming in. Staff has been opening envelopes for two days. English predicts that tabulations will occur long into the night, not…

County Fails To Distribute $400,000

Item: More tax relief not paid: County failed to distribute $400,000 due over 4 years/Alecia Warren, Coeur d’Alene Press More Info: The Kootenai County Auditor’s Office revealed this week another failure with distributing tax revenue to county taxing districts, this time holding back nearly half…

Write-Ins To Delay Vote Count

Item: Write can go wrong election night: Ballot counting expected to spill into early hours of Wednesday morning/Mike Patrick, Coeur d’Alene PressMore Info: “I hate to say but we are really in uncharted territory,” County Clerk Dan English said Wednesday. “I know it [counting ballots]…

Hayes: Confidence In Clerk Shaken

Republican Cliff Hayes, pictured, is challenging 15-year incumbent Democrat Dan English for the position of clerk, which oversees the elections office, county assistance, District Court, auditor and recorder. Hayes said the lawsuit shook voter confidence and he’d like to restore trust. After 22 years as…

Weekend Poll: NIC Trustee Choices?

Thursday Poll: Incumbent Dan English is the overwhelming choice of Hucks Nation in the Kootenai County clerk’s race. 137 of 192 (71.35%) said they plan to vote for Democrat English. 49 of 192 (25.52%) said they’ll vote for Republican Cliff Hayes. 6 are undecided.Today’s Question:…

English Outraises Hayes In Clerk Race

Democrat Dan English has outraised Republican Cliff Hayes in an attempt to win re-election as Kootenai County clerk. Campaign finance reports released this week show that English has raised $4752 for the year and loaned his campaign $750, while Hayes has raised $3615, including a…