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NIC Board Trustee, Position A, Kootenai County

Kenneth B. Howard (N) 16,221 51.61%
Ronald D. Nilson (N) 15,211 48.39%

* Race percentages are calculated with data from the Secretary of State's Office, which omits write-in votes from its calculations when there are too few to affect the outcome. The Spokane County Auditor's Office may have slightly different percentages than are reflected here because its figures include any write-in votes.

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Factoid: Wood, Howard Won Post Falls

An interesting little factoid among all the election statistics that flooded us Tuesday night & Wednesday morning involved the North Idaho College elections. Seems Christie Wood & Ken Howard both won the Post Falls precincts. Christie swept all the Post Falls precincts. And Ken won…

JT: Nilson Is Mover/Shaker, No Hero

JT: In a thread yesterday Lizard_People stated, “Ron Nilson was a solid candidate, and is a great American hero.” Solid candidate? yes. great American hero? I don’t think so. There are many complimentary words which could be used to describe Ron Nilson - “successful businessman”,…

Howard Didn’t Lose Sleep re: Election

In a Coeur d’Alene Press story, Maureen Dolan reports that Ken Howard slept well Election Night, although he went to bed not knowing the outcome of his North Idaho College trustee race with Ron Nilson. Howard, according to the story, “was in bed before midnight,…

Last Democratic official in Kootenai County loses job

Kootenai County, already among the most conservative regions of the country, is about to lose its sole surviving Democratic elected county official. Longtime Kootenai County Clerk Dan English was defeated 60 percent to 40 percent by Cliff Hayes, the former Post Falls police chief. English had been Kootenai County’s clerk for 15 years.

Kelli: How Did Wood-Howard Survive?

Kelli Rooks: I think a lot of the “problem” with the closeness is that those candidates weren’t labeled Republican or Democrat since it’s a non-partisan race. Wood and Howard were listed on the Kootenai County Democrats’ website, but the Kootenai County GOP didn’t list anyone…

Wood, Howard Snag NIC Seats

NORTH IDAHO TRUSTEE POS A Vote for 1 (WITH 75 OF 75 PRECINCTS COUNTED) Kenneth B. Howard… … . . 16,221 51.61 Ronald D. Nilson … … . . 15,211 48.39 Total … . ….

NIC Trustee Q-and-A Has Hart Query

I just returned from the noon luncheon of the Kootenai County Democratic Club for NIC trustee candidates, where Norm Gissel asked about a hypothetical situation that was disallowed by moderator Mary Lou Reed. Who didn’t think it was relevant to the trustee races. But candidate…

All 4 NIC Wannabes Back Corridor

All 4 candidates for the North Idaho College Board of Trustees promised to support the development of the NIC education corridor. When the question was presented to him, Ron Nilson answered simply “yes” when asked if he supported the corridor. “I don’t have horns and…

Phaedrus: Bulldozer To Replace Logo

Phaedrus: I’m at a loss to figure out why the voc-tech crowd wants to replace Christie Wood. Herb, it’s personal. Robert Ketchum was let go by NIC, the Trustees approved of that action. Ron Nilson’s vo-tech gravy train was disrupted and Ron Nilson belongs to…

Brand X Endorses Nilson, Ketchum

(Ron) Nilson, pictured, and (Robert) Ketchum stand apart because they are committed to helping students in credit and non-credit classes reach their full potential not just intellectually, but economically. They understand that at the end of the educational line, if the graduate doesn’t have a…

McGruber: Students Are Customers

Re: North Idaho College trustee debates: Nilson versus Howard/Hucks OnlineMcGruber: Watch the forum unfiltered like I did for a better feel for the exchanges. And why is it odd to refer to the students as customers of the college? They determine what courses have value…

Phaedrus: A Community Of Welders?

Re: North Idaho College trustee debates: Nilson versus Howard/Hucks OnlinePhaedrus: Because Nilson did not go to college he seems to have a chip on his shoulder and is not just in favor of pro-tech education, but is actually against non-tech higher education. Students go to…

Questions For NIC Trustees Anyone?

Luke Malek & Alison McArthur of the Kootenai County Young Professionals are looking for questions to ask North Idaho College trustee candidates at a televised forum from 6 to 7:30 Monday at Post Falls City Hall. I plan to live-blog the event, which will feature…

At Least He Didn’t Call Her ‘Cupcake’

At OpenCDA, the HBO Commenter Formerly Known As DanG offers his two picks for North Idaho College Board of Trustees: Ron Nilson and Robert Ketchum. He states that the two will be able to unmask the happy face that NIC displays to the community when…

Howard, Nilson Disagree On Corridor

The candidates fielded a question from the audience regarding their thoughts on whether the mill site land for the education corridor should have been purchased for NIC. (Ken) Howard, pictured, said he supported the acquisition, calling it “a tremendous necessity to the life and vitality…

Poll: Christie Wood Top Vote-Getter

Weekend Poll: Christie Wood was the top vote-getter in a weekend poll that asked which 2 candidates do you support for North Idaho College trustees. Wood received 160 of 511 multiple-votes cast for 31.31%, followed by Ken Howard with 141 of 511 votes for 27.59%….

Who Sez Christie Won’t Debate?

In the comments section, ThomG points out that OpenCDA.com is claiming incorrectly — what else is new? — that Christie Wood is unwilling to debate Robert Ketchum in their North Idaho College Board of Trustees race. Sez Mary: “Come on, Christie, it’s time to ‘woman-up’…

Ron Nilson Has Ties To Tea Party

I discovered an interesting nugget re: North Idaho College trustee candidate Ron Nilson while Googling for background information. He has spoken at two Tea Party gatherings and is very aligned with the movement. At OpenCDA.com in February, Mary wrote about Nilson’s appearance as a guest…

Mary (Hearts) Nilson, Ketchum

In case you were wondering who to support in the North Idaho College trustees’ races, you should consider the endorsement this morning by Mary Souza/OpenCDA. Mary’s smitten with the tag team of Ron Nilson, pictured, & Robert Ketchum. Ketchum is an “amazing professional” — Mary’s…

CW: Nilson Ad Hypocritical, Inflames

Christie Wood (re: Coeur d’Alene Press ad by Ron Nilson today): Interestingly enough Ron (Nilson) is the same guy that led the campaign for a levy in three school districts this year to pay for KTEC that raised everyone’s taxes by at least $30 a…



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