u 2010 Washington General Election

Bill Cismar

A candidate for State Representative Pos. 1, Legislative District 49 in the 2010 Washington General Election

Party: Republican

On this race: Elected Experience: None

Other Professional Experience: Business Owner, Senior Field Service Engineer, Network and Security Consultant.

Education: Clark College US Air Force Academy

Community Service: Let not the right hand know what the left hand does.

Statement: I will restore Vancouver's voice in Olympia. I oppose light rail, bridge tolls,  job killing B&O gross taxes, state run Cap and Trade schemes, and the proposed income tax.  I support E-Verify for all government business, and I will sponsor a balanced budget amendment. My opponent believes you need to be regulated more.   He voted "yes"  on 1,526 bills and "no" on  only 4.  I won't  ignore your voice, as my opponent did by suspending I-960 to raise your taxes.  Vancouver has the people and the space for good jobs and healthy businesses if Olympia will listen to our voice.


Jim Jacks Democratic

Last updated: Nov. 10, 2:29 p.m. Election results

Jim Jacks (D) 23,312 57.16%
Bill Cismar (R) 17,473 42.84%
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