u 2010 Washington General Election

Cathy McMorris Rodgers

A candidate for U.S. Representative, Congressional District 5 in the 2010 Washington General Election

Party: Republican

Age: 46City: Spokane, WA

Occupation: U.S. congresswoman

On this race: Elected Experience: Currently serving third term as U.S. Representative from 5th Congressional District; Vice Chair of House Republican Conference, fourth-highest ranking House Republican and highest-ranking House Republican woman. Committees: Armed Services; Education and Labor; and Natural Resources. Co-founder of Down Syndrome Caucus and Military Family Caucus. Previously served in the Washington State House of Representatives; elected House Republican Leader in 2002.

Other Professional Experience: Worked in family-owned orchard for 13 years.

Education: Executive MBA University of Washington, BA Pensacola Christian College

Community Service: Strong advocate for military families, veterans, students, and families with special needs. 

Statement: As a young girl growing up on my parents' farm in Kettle Falls, I could never have imagined that one day I would have the opportunity to serve in the U.S. Congress. I have lived the American Dream. And since you first elected me in 2004, I have worked my heart out to be worthy of your trust, and remain humbled by the responsibilities you've given me.  

During the past six years, I have fought on Capitol Hill for lower taxes to create jobs; worked for bipartisan solutions to improve our schools; championed good stewardship of our farms and forests; and stood strong for America's military and veterans. I have urged the use of American resources, including hydropower, and expanded use of alternative energies, to help us become energy independent.

On a personal note, I also became a wife and a mother, and these are my dearest and proudest accomplishments.

Today, our country is experiencing an unprecedented economic crisis - a crisis caused mostly by reckless spending, borrowing, and bailouts. I voted against the $700 billion Wall Street bailout, the $787 billion economic "stimulus" bill, and the $1.3 trillion health care bill.  I support a balanced budget amendment, a constitutional amendment to limit federal spending, and repealing the government takeover of health care and replacing it with practical solutions that actually lower medical costs and improve outcomes. 

The citizens of Eastern Washington are looking for a new era of common sense and accountability in government.  I want to help lead that movement.  With your support, I am eager to continue advocating for tax reform, smarter government, and a balanced budget. 

I love Eastern Washington and America. I ask for your continued confidence and your vote.


Education: Graduated from the Columbia River Christian Academy, Kettle Falls, in 1986. Earned pre-law bachelor’s degree from Pensacola Christian College in 1990. Earned executive master’s in business administration from the University of Washington in 2002.

Work experience: Aide to state representative, 1990-93; worked at her family orchard and fruit stand for 13 years, prior to election to Congress; worked at McDonalds in high school.

Political experience: Appointed to state House of Representatives, serving the 7th Legislative District, in 1993. Elected to state House in 1994, where she served until joining Congress. Elected to Congress in 2004. Former Vice Chair of House Republican Conference. Elected chairwoman of House Republican Conference.

Family: Married. Has three children.

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Last updated: Nov. 12, 5:37 p.m. Election results

Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R) 167,791 63.70%
Daryl Romeyn (D) 95,632 36.30%
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