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Joel Kretz

A candidate for State Representative Pos. 2, Legislative District 7 (Northeastern Washington) in the 2010 Washington General Election

Party: Republican

Age: 60

City: Wauconda, WA

Career: Rancher, owner of timber business, former president of Okanogan County Farm Bureau

Education: Graduated from Mercer Island High School.

Political experience: Elected to current House seat every two years since 2004. Has served as deputy minority leader for four years.

Family: Married. Has adult son.

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On this race:

Elected Experience: First elected in 2004, I serve on four standing committees including Agriculture and Natural Resources plus Farmland Preservation Task Force, Open Government Committee and as Republican Deputy Leader. I was honored to to recieve the 2010 Legislator of the Year award from the National Federation of Independant Business.

Other Professional Experience: Thirty year timber and ranching small business owner.

Education: Green River and Olympic Colleges.

Community Service: Active in the Okanogan Farm Bureau and Coalition for Property Rights and longtime member of the NRA.

Statement: My top priorities include restoring a healthy economic climate and jobs, reducing tax and regulatory burdens while protecting essential services. While families and small business prioritize spending, government continues to grow and spend beyond its means and I am fighting hard to reverse that trend. I've worked hard to build strong working relationships on both sides of the aisle and educate urban legislators on rural issues which I believe is essential to getting things done for the people of the 7th District. I would like to continue providing common sense in Olympia, and I ask for your vote.

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Joel Kretz (R) 39,815 100%

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