u 2010 Washington General Election

Marty McClendon

A candidate for State Senator, Legislative District 26 in the 2010 Washington General Election

Party: Republican

On this race: Elected Experience: N/A

Other Professional Experience: Currently, Managing Broker, Prudential Real Estate in Gig Harbor, past three years Previously, Real Estate Agent in Port Orchard Prior to real my estate career, I worked 13 years as an Anesthesia Technician

Education: Certificates related to Real Estate, Anesthesia Technician and Banking. I attended the University of Washington, Pre-medicine

Community Service: I have been actively involved in community service all my life from building new trails and holding a bicycle safety course as a boy scout, to volunteering in a dozen park clean ups, to volunteering for Habitat for Humanity And fund raising for cancer research, Leukemia, and Autism

Statement: I am a strong fiscal conservative who will be a watchdog for your money in Olympia. We must conserve resources and invest wisely to stimulate jobs and our economy. 

My opponent participated in the government spending explosion before our current economic downturn. He raised spending 33% and voted for $500 million in new taxes. When the inevitable crash came from his out-of-control spending, he slashed funding for our schools and voted to raise class sizes. This year, my opponent refused to come up with a solution for the fiscal crises he created.  He could have joined with those who wanted to reform state government and cut spending, but instead remained silent. In these tough times, we need leadership not more of the same.

We must change business as usual in Olympia. I will fight for sustainable budgets. We cannot continue to spend more than we have. If we prioritize spending and reform state government, we can fully fund critical needs like education and health care rather than funding paybacks for political supporters. 

State government is broken - but by changing our elected representatives - we can fix it. My name is Marty McClendon, and I humbly ask for your vote.


Last updated: Nov. 12, 4:54 p.m. Election results

Derek Kilmer (D) 31,485 58.68%
Marty McClendon (R) 22,169 41.32%
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