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Hector E. Martinet

A candidate for State Representative Pos. 2, Legislative District 3 (central Spokane) in the 2010 Washington Primary Election

On this race:

Elected Experience: Gods Clan Council Member, work to settle differences between parties thoughout the world.

Other Professional Experience: Single Father of three, worked in the Fashion business for 25 yrs. Photographer, Gardener, Guitar.

Education: Some College

Community Service: Former member of Lions Club, Camaro Club, Convertible Club, Spokane Rifle Club, Spocannbis Club.

Statement: I'm a man that wants to get rid of the established members of the ruling party and free the people to live unabused lives and make the happiness pay for the community, the elderly, the youth that is being destroyed by the system and all that want to be free, live free, and help their neighbors.  That is what community means to me.  When I was a child cops were so nice,  why should they be forced to write a, "Quota"  of tickets.  This system is broke, its time to, "get real'.  Hope you let me be your man!

Election results

Timm Ormsby (D) 11,625 62.24%
Morgan Oyler (R) 5,876 31.46%
Hector E. Martinet 1,176 6.30%



Timm Ormsby


Morgan Oyler