u 2010 Washington Primary Election

Jackie Moore

A candidate for State Representative Pos. 2, Legislative District 11 in the 2010 Washington Primary Election

On this race: Elected Experience: None previous

Other Professional Experience: Travel Agent, Commercial Driver, Bookkeeper

Education: Graduate of Seattle Pacific University

Community Service: Fundraiser and DJ Trainer for local community radio

Statement: I ask for your vote because we need to stop the reckless tax-and-spend system in Olympia. Like you, I find recent announcements of more tax increases outrageous. But our state legislators seem unwilling to consider other options. As a small business owner, I know there is more than one way to balance a budget. For example, we can use common sense to improve government efficiency. We can also create good jobs by supporting local business development and enact a fair tax system. With your help, we will create good jobs, strong schools, and secure our future prosperity.


Bob Hasegawa Democrat
John Potter Republican

Last updated: Sept. 1, 12:18 p.m. Election results

Bob Hasegawa (D) 10,765 65.02%
John Potter (R) 4,530 27.36%
Jackie Moore 1,261 7.62%
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